YouTube: Trailer for Cuba documentary “Epicentro”

Sep 3, 2020 by

YouTube: Trailer for Cuba documentary “Epicentro”


In Darwin’s Nightmare (2004), Hubert Sauper gave a terrifying overview of North-South relations through the example of a ferocious predator from Lake Victoria, the Nile perch, and the no less ferocious globalized trade in its flesh. Neo-colonialism was also at the heart of We Come as Friends (2014), a raging travel diary from Sudan, a country torn into two enemy nations. His new documentary was filmed in #Cuba, which the Austrian filmmaker considers to be the “epicenter” of the American empire, the place where he was born in 1898: following the explosion of a US Navy ship in Havana’s harbor during the Cuban War of Independence, the United States intervened militarily to hunt the Spanish… before making the island their hunting ground for more than half a century until the Castro Revolution. Hubert Sauper recounts the Cuba of today and yesterday in this ambitious documentary that explores a century of interventionism and propaganda in the company of the people of Havana – especially children. A fascinating reflection on time, imperialism and the staging of reality. Epicentro will be released in theaters on August 19, 2020. Discover its trailer, exclusively for Télé

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