Witness for Peace trip to Cuba

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Witness for Peace trip to Cuba

Link to a http://witnessforpeace.org/event/sustainable-food-and-farming-in-cuba-urban-agriculture-permaculture-and-neighborhood-self-sufficiency/

Sustainable Food and Farming in Cuba: Urban Agriculture, Permaculture and Neighborhood Self-Sufficiency
December 12 – December 21

Our global food production and distribution system is in crisis. There is enough food to go around yet billions worldwide go to bed hungry or die from chronic diet-related diseases. Meanwhile, multinational corporations receive exorbitant subsidies from governments to accumulate and degrade farmland, in turn reaping huge profits by displacing millions of rural farmers and then exploiting them as precarious migrant workers in a vast system of control.

This delegation to Cuba, organized by Witness for Peace in conjunction with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center in Havana, is designed to build transnational solidarity between US community leaders and their Cuban counterparts who are fighting against and providing concrete alternatives to the agricultural policies and practices that dehumanize us and destroy our lands.

Learn how to restructure our local food systems around the values of justice, sustainability, wellness and equity from Cuban urban farmers, permaculturalists and neighborhood organizers. This delegation of US food justice activists will come to understand Cuba’s cooperative agricultural systems, its advances in environmental justice and childhood nutrition, and the ongoing effects of the US’s criminal blockade.
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Cost: $1,900 + $80 visa + airfare
Application & $150 Deposit Deadline: September 26, 2018

On this delegation, we will:

–   visit numerous cooperative urban and organic farms

–   understand the importance of land reform and redistribution in Cuban socialism

–   view documentaries and speak with experts on just transitions after peak oil

–   meet national permaculture organizers

–   participate in an environmental popular education workshop

–   exchange with Cuban environmental and cooperative historians

–   take neighborhood walking tours of urban sustainability projects

–   learn about reforestation, green medicine, and homeopathic plants

–   explore the synergies between eco-tourism developments and family farming

–   talk with chefs and food preservation specialists about local consumption and production

–   tour a sustainable development promotion center to learn about environmental organizing

–   discuss food sovereignty, access and nutrition with a food policy economist

–   plus much, much more!
Cost: $1,900 + $80 visa + airfare

Delegation fee covers all meals, lodging, interpreters, and transportation within Honduras, along with extensive reading and activist tools.
Application & $150 Deposit Deadline: September 12, 2018  (there is still time if you act quickly)

Remaining Balance due November 12, 2018.
Links to

For application and more details, contact: Melissa Cox, melissa@witnessforpeace.org, 347-461-3611

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