US Women and Cuba Collaboration Join us on a women’s delegation to Cuba – Special Price until January 15, 2017

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US Women and Cuba Collaboration

We wanted to invite you to spread the word or to join us on our 2017 International Women’s Day Delegation to Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Matanzas from March 1-10! We hope you are able to join us to be inspired, learn and exchange with grassroots women as well as national leaders in Cuba who have prioritized health care and education as human rights for all, guarantee equal pay for equal work and paid family leave as part of their Constitution and implement full reproductive justice and sexual rights through the support of their National Center for Sex Education.  Because you’ll be meeting them!


We are excited to share that due to a special housing opportunity with our sisters at the Federation of Cuban Women Guest Housing, we are able to lower the Delegation price to approximately  $2,700.- 3,000 if you can commit now. We have revised our 2017 Application (attached below) to reflect this and the Priority deadline of January 15th. We are still awaiting confirmation from our Cuba Travel Partners of our Delegation Itinerary with pricing and hope for this as soon as possible. Be sure to email the Application to Victoria Lebron at Marazul Charters and this address


Because of great interest in this amazing opportunity to travel to Cuba and exchange our work and activism (or both!) with our Cuban hermanas (sisters), we wanted to offer a Priority Deadline for those who wish to apply by January 15th with a fully completed and signed Application. The Delegation Co-leaders will review this and turn it around for processing by our Travel Provider Marazul Charters. This would be expedited to reserve your place in the Delegation once your Delegation NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $400. is confirmed as paid. The Final Payment is due February 1, 2017 per the Application instructions.


Our friends and colleagues in Cuba with whom we have worked for more than 20 years are very excited to have us and share their learnings, research, hospitality and sisterhood with all of us. Because of our extensive contacts in Cuba, we try to arrange both formal and informal meetings to accommodate as many interests of our delegates within the broad themes as possible.  Do let us know if you still are still interested – or not – and we will respond accordingly.


And let us know if you have any questions or concerns we can address as well. More detailed information is on our web site of the co-sponsoring organization, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, Unfortunately as an all-volunteer organization, we cannot offer any scholarships, but have a Fundraising Guide on the web site and try to keep our prices as inexpensive as possible to include the greatest diversity of women who can participate.


Thank you again for your interest in traveling with the US Women and Cuba Collaboration and WILPF’s Cuba and the Bolivarian Alliance Issues Committee.


Cindy Domingo and Jan Strout

Co-leaders, 2017 Delegation

US Women and Cuba Collaboration

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