US Official Orders to Cuban Mercenaries Revealed

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US Official Orders to Cuban Mercenaries Revealed

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Panama, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban delegation to the Summit of the Poeples revealed today here the order given by US officials to counter-revolutionary activists accredited to the social forum of the Summit of the Americas.

In a document circulated in this capital, the Cuban representatives to this meeting identified the mercenaries Manuel Cuesta Morua, Laritza Diversent and Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna as the elements that received orders from the US authorities.

The latter of those mentioned above are the State Attached Undersecretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Michael Kosack and US Ambassador to Panama Jonathan Farrar.

Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Bolivian, Ecuadorian and Argentinean opposition groups also participated in those meetings and the objective was to give instructions and coordinate actions about how they should act, faced with the legitimate representatives of the Cuban Civil Society to the event.

The instructions were to support publicly the changes towards Cuba started by Barack Obama’s Administration and avoid supporting the stances by the extreme right from Miami, contrary to the presence of the Island in the summit and the reestablishment of relations between both countries.

According to the denunciation, Farrar ordered that they should speak in the event to support the idea of a supposed consensus among the so-called dissident organizations in Cuba and insisted on avoiding confrontations and attract a wide media coverage, which allowed them to be recognized as credible opposition.

The denunciation added that Farrar and Kosack warned them that being recognized as representatives of a future civil society in a post-Castro age.

The US officials regretted that due to an indiscretion by an Argentinean young woman participating in the Forum of Youth, the financing that the US State Department devoted to the preparation of the anti-Cuban delegation to the summit had come to public notice, the document said.

But they promised to the counter-revolutionary activists that Obama would hold a conversation with some of them at the end of his visit to Panama, and that those chosen would be those that carried out the instructions to the letter and could make a good impression to the US president.


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