United Nations: US blockade prevents Cuba from fulfilling its full potential

Aug 27, 2020 by

United Nations: US blockade prevents Cuba from fulfilling its full potential
HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 17 (ACN) External financial restrictions on Cuba impose limitations that hinder the Caribbean nation from realizing its full potential, Consuelo Vidal, UN system’s resident coordinator on the Caribbean island, said in Havana.
 In an exclusive interview with the Cuban News Agency, the diplomat stressed that the external obstacles to the financial and commercial systems impact on the country’s possibility of financing its own development, which is included every year as part of the observations made to the UN Secretary General’s report on this issue.
Cuba signed last week a new cooperation framework with the United Nations system until 2024, in which it endorsed that despite the economic limitations, the Cuban government ratifies its commitment to fulfill these objectives, he added.
“I believe that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 shows very clearly that multilateralism is in force, is legitimate and is useful for the problems that affect humanity as a whole. In that sense, we in Cuba are very honored by the importance the nation gives to multilateralism. We know that the United Nations is a space that Cuba appreciates and our working relations are excellent and we share allies. In this new post-pandemic situation, we are all very strengthened by the principles of multilateralism, and that is how we are facing our anniversary, the expert concluded.

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