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Dec 22, 2014 by

The U.S.-Cuba Sister Cities Association commends U.S. President  Barrack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro equally for their mutual willingness and joint efforts to begin to open and restore long overdue diplomatic channels which we all hope will create the opportunity for dialogue and negotiations towards the full normalization of relations between our two estranged nations.

The value of respectful engagement that occurred when these leaders spoke directly by phone,  allowing them to quickly resolve a long standing impasse, proves the wisdom of direct  communication.

Our national association (USCSCA) was founded to enable the broadest ‘people-to-people’ exchanges possible, so that ordinary people could meet with their Cuban counterparts through shared interests and in the exchange of ideas and life experiences more clearly come to better understand the complexity of idealogical and cultural divides and impediments to peace, and become proactive advocates for normalization of relations.

We join the majority of people of the world (UN vote 192-2 to end the embargo for over 25 years) and every major religious institution, and believe we represent the majority of people in the U.S., including according to recent polls, Cuban-Americans, in celebrating this long overdue first steps toward opening the doors of bilateral  communication. Our membership and supporters look forward to assisting in every way they can to be a part of a mutually constructive restoration of ties between our peoples.

Our organization has objected since its formation to stated U.S. policy of ‘regime change’ with its objective of determining the future for the Cuban people in favor of U.S. interests over the interests and democratic rights of the Cuban people to control their own political process and implementation of civil society as is their sovereign right.

We fully support the U.S. and Cuba in the steps announced today to improve bilateral relations, while we continue to unconditionally support Cuba’s sovereignty and its people’s fundamental human right to shape their own destiny without U.S intervention.


Lisa Valanti
U.S.- Cuba Sister Cities Association
1415 Amanda
Pittsburgh, PA. 15210


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