U.S. Congresspersons Aim to Achieve Progress in Relations with Cuba

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U.S. Congresspersons Aim to Achieve Progress in Relations with Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 19 (acn) We want to make progress in the political, cultural and economic relations between the United States and Cuba, because the blockade hasn’t had any success, asserted in this capital Nancy Pelosi, Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress.

There is strong bipartisan support for lifting the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the U.S. against Cuba, she said, however, “it’s not complete, there are still divisions between those who have the power to debate a bill,” she clarified.

Pelosi said that the three days of their visit to Cuba have been very productive, “We are very pleased with the work, because this visit is aimed at seeing how we move forward, and we are very excited about the potential of the plans we have talked about.”

“We agreed on many things and disagreed on others, but this will help us take huge steps hereafter. The next thing would be to remove Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism,” added Pelosi.

In this regard, Congressman Jim McGovern, a representative for Massachusetts, called to remove Cuba from that list because “it does not belong to it.”

“Let’s eliminate this excuse and begin to have normal diplomatic relations. That’s how a constructive process begins,” he pointed out.

For legislator David Cicilline, removing Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, opening embassies and solve the banking problem of the Interests Section of Cuba in Washington, “are steps we should take to build trust between our two countries and we can have productive discussions.”

There is much that we share and that can benefit both countries, said the representative for the state of California, Anna Eshoo, “this is a very important two-party work for us to succeed,” she said.

Meanwhile, Minnesota congressman Collin Peterson said that since he was elected to Congress 25 years he has supported the lifting of the blockade against Cuba; “We’ve had ups and downs and this has damaged both countries, especially the Cuban people”.

“We want to leave the blockade behind, sell food to Cuba, we can help the island’s agriculture to develop, but we have restrictions in the U.S. that make this trade difficult, which is stupid, it’s something that makes no sense,” underlined Peterson.

Among the announcements made by the delegation of U.S. congresspersons is the reestablishment of the two-party work group on Cuba, which will help, Peterson said, “to push the Republican leadership so there is a bit of democracy in Congress, so we debate, and initiatives are voted.”

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