Twitterstorm Monday Dec. 18: End the Genocidal U.S. Blockade Against Cuba

Dec 16, 2017 by

International Committee 

for Peace, Justice and Dignity
Twitterstorm! Monday December 18
We Demand: End the Genocidal U.S. Blockade Against Cuba
December 17 will mark three years since Obama and President Raúl Castro made steps towards a new stage of relations between both countries. Also, that day, Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio returned to their Homeland, a victory won by the Cuban people and many friends from around the world, after fighting for almost 17 years. 
Unfortunately, the new occupant of the White House decided to go backward ignoring the sentiment of the majority of people in the United States that want to have normal relations with the island nation. He also ignores the community of nations that on November 1st voted overwhelmingly for the end of the blockade, with the predictable exception of the United States and Israel. 
While presenting absolutely no proof, the US government has accused Cuba of affecting the health of their diplomats who supposedly were subjected to sonic attacks. This has served as a pretext to send home US diplomats from Havana and to arbitrarily expel Cuban diplomats from Washington DC. The reduction of personnel in both embassies has created serious inconvenience and new suffering for Cuban families who wish to travel both ways across the Florida Straits.  

Due to the fact that December 17 falls on a Sunday, the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity is making a call to solidarity friends from all over the world, in particular those living in the United States, to participate in a TWITTERSTORM on Monday December 18 to send a strong message: NO TO THE GENOCIDAL BLOCKADE AGAINST CUBA, NO TO THE NEW REGULATIONS FROM THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.  
We propose the following hashtag:
         #NomasBloqueo   #Niunpasoatras   #Unblock Cuba 
We suggest to include the tweeter of Trump @POTUS
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