Tribute to Judge Claudia Morcom

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Dear NNOC Friends,

Please see the statement below from ICAP honouring retired Judge Claudia Morcom whose death is mourned and life’s achievements celebrated by so many.

We remember well Claudia’s support of many NNOC  activities in the struggle to free the Five Cuban heroes.  She participated in many forums including the international conference in Toronto, Canada in 2007.  She attended the Appeals hearing in Atlanta, the colloquium in Holguin, Cuba, as well as 5 Days for the 5 in DC. When the U.S. Social Forum took place in Detroit, MI in June 2010, Claudia hosted an opening reception of Antonio Guerrero’s watercolours:  “From My Altitude” at the Virgil H Carr Cultural Arts Center in her hometown of Detroit.  The reception and the exhibit were a loving a beautiful  reflection of Claudia’s activism and generosity.

We can best honor Judge Claudia Morcom by continuing her work and following her example.


NNOC co-chairs,

Cheryl LaBash

Alicia Jrapko

Banbose Shango

Franklin Curbelo

Nalda Vigezzi



Dear friends,

The news left us in great sorrow, Judge Claudia Morcom passed away.  Losing a friend is never expected nor accepted. Please let her relatives and lots of friends know we offer sincere condolences on behalf of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People.

The Cuban people received her support in the many times she demanded justice for the Cuban 5. She did not hesitate to go to Geneva and denounce the outrages they have been suffering, or to attend the Tribunal organized by friends in Toronto, or when she spoke in front of the White House to ask the US Administration to release the Five.

In our homeland, she honoured us participating at the Colloquiums where her commitment made her go beyond her strength. We knew about that commitment that made her visit us several times demonstra ting how truthful her friendship was. She was always overcoming the many obstacles that ultimately made her be more creative finding ways to break the wall of silence about this case.

In the same city that now welcomes her legacy forever, she helped organizing the Art Exhibitions of Antonio watercolors. We will continue honouring Claudia in our tireless struggle to find justice for all.


North American Division

ICAP, Cuba

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