Travel with IFCO and Experience the REAL Cuba

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Travel with IFCO
Experience the REAL Cuba

If you want to be a tourist and go to Cuba only to see old cars, smoke cigars and drink rum.
Don’t come to Cuba with IFCO!

If you want to learn about the REAL Cuba, talk to the REAL people and
go ‘beneath the surface’,

Join one of these IFCO delegations. 

February 8-17: Music and Farming:
Food for the Body and Food for the Soul.
Join a group of farmers and musicians and ‘ordinary people’, who are going to Cuba to talk to farmers and musicians and ‘ordinary people’.  Explore examples of Cuba’s sustainable agriculture, both rural and urban. Visit and stay with different agricultural cooperatives, talk to gardeners and agronomists.  Learn about Cuba’s rich and diverse music — from traditional guajira (country music) to the latest rap with a Cuban accent.
(The program is still being developed — so let us know what you would like to include, we’ll try to make it happen.)

re here:

April 29-May 9: Health and Justice  
This trip will allow participants to see how Cuba’s medical system merges health with justice.  We’ll explore how this alternative approach can be implemented within any community or nation, given the commitment, dedication and political will of the entities involved.  Participants will visit ELAM (the Latin American School of Medicine), biotech labs, hospitals, policlinics, and have discussions with several communities to learn how they benefit from Cuba’s health care program.  We’ll also participate in Cuba’s May Day celebration in Revolution Square.
May 11-21:  Religion and Change

Visit with the religious community of Cuba and how they are part of the changes in the Cuban society.  We’ll visit faith-based projects: churches, African-based religious practitioners, community centers, farms and more.  We’ll be there during Cuba’s national week-long campaign against homophobia and transphobia and participate in the Pride Parade.

(These programs are still being developed — so let us know what you would like to include, we’ll see if we can make it happen.)

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