The other pernicious pandemic against Cuba

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The other pernicious pandemic against Cuba

Patricio Montesinos

16 august 2020
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Without ceasing for six decades and without the political will to eliminate it, the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba has been as pernicious for the largest of the Antilles, as COVID-19 is today for humanity.

The prolonged and illegal economic, commercial and financial siege of Washington has caused numerous deaths of the elderly, young people and children on the Caribbean island, by preventing them from buying vital medicines for the cure of diseases in the United States and in other nations.

Surrendering its people due to hunger and ailments and strangling the Cuban economy to destroy its Revolution, has been the purpose of successive administrations in Washington, which have ignored the repeated calls of the international community to put an end to this conduct. aggressive.

The loss figures for the Antillean island due to the blockade, which has been going on for almost 60 years, are multimillion-dollar, like the ones that the pandemic that is currently affecting humanity is causing in most states on all continents.

But as if that were not enough, Cuba today has to face COVID-19 in the midst of the war that the Donald Trump regime rages on every day, a genocidal action against one of the most supportive countries in the world.

Trump, more than discredited for his daily actions, and for his irresponsibility and incompetence in the face of the pandemic, desperately seeks to divert the attention of Americans and his disappointed followers for electoral purposes.

Applying new measures of the extraterritorial blockade to Cuba, as it also does with Venezuela, and sanctions to Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, and even to some of their allies, seems to be the criminal and clumsy strategy of the tenant of the White House to try to hide his ineptitude and that of his close collaborators.

According to analysts, these cornered hyena attacks, which are still very harmful and very dangerous, will end up leading Trump to ruin, and the United States to the worst crisis in its history, and its final death as an international power.

His total ignorance of history and his imperial arrogance do not allow him to realize that Cuba has overcome numerous obstacles, invasions, attacks of all kinds and threats, and there it is more alive than ever, helping the world with its prestigious health professionals to fight to COVID-19.

Trump does not know nor can he understand that in the Cuban dictionary there is no word for “reverse” since the Revolution led by Fidel Castro triumphed on January 1, 1959, which they have repeatedly demonstrated.

The blockade kills as the new coronavirus kills, but the people of the largest of the Antilles will know how to overthrow them sooner rather than later, and Washington will once again have to bite the dust of defeat.

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