The NNOC Rejects the Trump Administration’s Escalation of Hostility Towards Cuba

Apr 23, 2019 by

The National Network on Cuba Rejects the Trump Administration’s Escalation of Hostility Towards Cuba

The NNOC strongly condemns the aggressive and hostile statements of the Trump administration regarding Cuba policy.  The announcements made on the anniversary of the resounding Bay of Pigs defeat of U.S. imperialism and Bolton’s references to the Monroe Doctrine were an outrageous example of the provocative and ignorant Trump policy toward Cuba as well as insulting to the many people in the United States (including Cubans and Cuban Americans) who support normal relations with our neighbor.

The whole world through its representatives in the United Nations has, since 1992 demanded an end to the unilateral U.S. blockade of Cuba.  Rather than adhering to the will of the world-wide community, Trump is acting to strengthen the blockade by enforcing Title III of the Helms Burton law; something no other administration has even considered.  Trump is acting to limit family remittances and to prohibit normal travel between families, Trump is voiding the modest agreement allowing baseball players to practice their sport without abandoning their homeland, and Trump is further forbidding the right of the people of the U.S. to freely travel to Cuba.  These are all basic rights enjoyed by people of every other country in the world.

Under the unproven accusations of “sonic attacks” against U.S. diplomats in Havana, the current administration has already made significant changes in visa processing, making it almost impossible for Cubans to travel to the United States by forcing them to travel to  third countries just to apply for visas, a costly and time consuming gamble.

The most recent pretext is that Cubans are interfering in Venezuela’s affairs. Nothing can be further from the truth. Cuba and Venezuela have cooperative agreements to work in collaboration as sovereign countries have the right to do. It is a sad irony that the U.S. administration accuses another country of interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela when this is precisely what the United States is doing by declaring who should be the president of Venezuela contrary to the will of the majority of the Venezuelan people who voted for Nicolas Maduro as their legitimate President in open, fair and free elections.

We in the Cuba solidarity community are well aware of the Trump administration’s goal of destroying progressive governments, especially those in Venezuela and Central America that focus on human needs and the human rights to health, education, and decent living conditions.  Rather than imposing more restrictions on travel, trade, and commerce, we and the majority of the people of the United States, demand an end to all aggressive regime change policies toward Cuba and respect for the sovereignty and right to self-determination of our Cuban brothers and sisters.

NNOC co-chairs

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