The National Network on Cuba invites you to work with us.

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The National Network on Cuba
invites you
to work with us.

Since 1959 many organizations and individuals have traveled to and organized in defense of Cuba’s right to self-determination and sovereignty.

Now that the Cuban 5 are finally free and reunited with their families and the Cuban people, it is the time to redouble our efforts for a united push to end the blockade. We are stronger together.195a

We want you back …

If your back dues are so far behind that you think you could never catch up … TALK TO US.
If you are on the West Coast or in between and cannot afford the high cost of transportation to the NNOC National meeting … TALK TO US.
If you have new plans, programs strategies, tactics or suggestions to share … TALK TO US.

Help the NNOC be a stronger and more meaningful organization and continue to be a strong voice demanding the respect for Cuban sovereignty and self-determination.

If your organization does solidarity work with Cuba, lifting the blockade, the Cuban Medical School Project, creating better political and cultural relationships between the U.S. and Cuba, the freedom to travel to Cuba, then join and work with the National Network On Cuba.

Get in touch with us today.p4p end embargo banner (email) (webpage)


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