The DC Metro Coalition In Solidarity With Revolutionary Cuba passed this resolution to the

Jun 10, 2017 by

The DC Metro Coalition In Solidarity With Revolutionary Cuba passed this resolution to the

5th Continental Conference on Solidarity with Cuba


Washington DC
June 1, 2017
Dear friends and comrades,

The DC Metro Coalition in Solidarity with Revolutionary Cuba sends its warmest revolutionary greetings and solidarity to the 5th Continental Conference of Solidarity with Cuba. We are proud to be participants and will do everything within our capabilities to spread the word on the deliberations of the conference and its decisions.

Namibia is a fitting place for the conference. Members of the DC Metro Coalition are well aware of the Namibian peoples’ long struggle for independence. And of the heroic role played by its people, along with Angolans, South Africans and Cubans in eradicating the stain of Apartheid from the African continent — thus, changing the history of Africa and the world. This conference is one registration of the historic reality of Fidel Castro’s statement ‘How far we slaves have come.’

The DC Metro Coalition, based in Washington DC, has over the last decades worked to tell the people of our region the truth about the Cuban revolution. We have organized tours for ICAP and other representatives of Cuba, hosted meetings for the Cuban Ambassador, and worked for the freedom of the Cuban Five. Most recently we sponsored a delegation from our region to participate in the May Day Brigade to Cuba. This was the first time there was a delegation from this country, and the U.S. delegation was the largest of all. We are now organizing report-backs from that trip.

Despite the barrage of slanders about Cuba from the U.S. government and media, we find fertile ground to discuss and explain the reality of the Cuban people and the revolution. We explain to all those we talk to that despite the recent change in its diplomatic stance toward Cuba the U.S. still maintains its occupation of Guantanamo and the prison there, still maintains the savage economic embargo against the island along with travel restrictions, as well as its active regime-change operations. There are no normal relations.

The example and the lessons of the Cuban revolution is something that must be taught, talked about and discussed among people around the world. Conferences like this are extremely important and play a leadership role. We congratulate all participants for their foresight and courage and are eager to hear the results of the conference.

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