Sinn Fein´s Gerry Adams Expresses Solidarity with Cuba

Oct 2, 2015 by

Sinn Fein´s Gerry Adams Expresses Solidarity with Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Fri Oct 2 (acn) Gerry Adams, leader of the Irish Sinn Fein Party stressed the solidarity of Ireland with the Cuban people and expressed his willingness to keep supporting the Cuban revolution with concrete actions.

Adams made his statements during a meeting in Havana on Thursday with Cuban Parliament vice-president Ana Maria Machado.

The Cuban official thanked Adams and his party delegation for the gesture of solidarity they have showed towards her country, particularly their support of the cause of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who served unfair prisons sentences in US jails and their backing of the island´s struggle for the lifting of the US economic blockade imposed by Washington for more than 50 years now.

The Cuban parliamentarian also explained the visitors about the work of the Cuban legislative body and addressed the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington, as well as the update of the Cuban economic model and the role of the Cuban youth in the country´s political process.

Adams and Machado also exchanged information on political issues in their respective countries.
Gerry Adams has led Sinn Fein since 1983, which is a political party with a leftist republican ideology.

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