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Dear Cuba Solidarity Activists and All Friends of Cuba:

Please join with the New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition on Saturday, July 27 for our annual celebration of the July 26, 1953 assault on the Moncada Barracks that was the spark that led to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution 60 years ago. This year’s event will be a Celebration with friends, family, and comrades-in-the-struggle with lots of food, drink, and the great music of BombaYo, but also a chance to learn about and protest the latest and deepening US attacks and sanctions against Cuba by the Donald Trump White House.

In solidarity and struggle,

Ike Nahem, Cuba Solidarity New York



Hear: Representative, Cuban Mission to the United Nations
• Bob Guild — Updates on your right to travel to Cuba
• Gail Walker — Director, IFCO/PASTORS FOR PEACE, just returned IFCO Caravan to Cuba
• Representative from Venezuela
• Ed Ortiz, Call to Action on Puerto Rico 

In recent months, the US government has escalated political belligerence, economic war, and military threats against the sovereign states of Venezuela and Cuba. The New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition protests the Trump Administration’s escalation of restrictions against Cuba and US intervention in Venezuela.

With the failure of the April 30 US-directed coup in Venezuela, US officials tried to blame Cuba for their own debacle. They falsely claim Cuba has 20,000 troops in Venezuela. What Cuba has is 20,000 doctors and other volunteers serving working-class and rural communities across Venezuela – an example of the international solidarity Cuba practices all over the world.

These lies against Cuba were used as a pretext to begin enforcing a measure—the so-called Title III part of the 1996 Helms-Burton Act—that opens the floodgates for lawsuits by US citizens regarding property nationalized after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in accordance with Cuban and international law. These property claims were all settled by Cuba with the rest of the world in the 1960s – Washington alone refused to settle. US policy was instead to seek the violent overthrow of the Cuban revolutionary government.

The Trump administration has also announced the unilateral cancellation of cruise ship fleets and companies from stopping in Cuba as well as new restrictions on people-to-people exchanges between the US and Cuba. These and other sanctions with an extraterritorial character are already causing hardship in Cuba and are hated around the world.

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