Ricardo Alarcón : Elections in the US: Trump or Sanders?

Oct 16, 2015 by

by Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada
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The nightmare that Trump could be defeated; but “Trumpism” continues to be a threat while the Empire exists. Sanders, probably would not receive the nomination but “Sanderism” will exist until the United States is a true democracy.
The public declarations of the multi billionaire and contender to the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump has amazed people around the world. By what he says and also his vulgar presence. The racism, arrogance and aggressiveness of his speech, plagued with lies and falsehoods and crude insults of the immigrants and Latin Americans and women make him anything but a statesman or politician partially sincere. To top it all off he intends to be the supreme commander if the largest super power in History.
Every day alarmed voices arise south of the Rio Bravo but also in Europe and other parts of the world. A candidate such as this in any of those countries would be punished with ridicule and jest and no one could imagine that he could win an election.
Although in the United States there is also a rejection of the Hispanics and women, they fortunately feel shame in face of this comic person. 
What is true, according to surveys, Trump has rapidly become the main contender within the Republican Party. Every sign of arrogance and ignorance produces a substantial increase of support that now surpasses comfortably all the rest. Whatever the final result there is no doubt that until now, the publicity media show that is called ”political debate” of this unbelievable filthy rich person of becoming the most important protagonist. He is mentioned every day, articles are written about him; editorials; he is a reference and comparison of a dozen of rivals who follow him in the long distance and the most advantageous who would defeat the president by more than two digits.
On the Democratic front the results are also surprising. Against Hillary Clinton who looked unbeatable an unsuspected challenger presents himself: Senator Bernard Sanders. His is a veteran and, as independent, for 25 years is a representative of the Federal Congress of the small state of Vermont. Since his announcement to run in the election the “experts “and large press thought it was impossible.
Because Sanders is the only congressman of the country who defines himself as a “socialist” and calls for fundamental changes in health, education, social security and the environment and is opposed to the aggressive and interventionist policy of the Empire. His program goes no further from than the European social democracy that will bend to the neo-liberal dogma, but is a radical in a country in which President Obama is described as “communist”.
He doesn’t have the electoral machinery; his campaign depends on contributions of the common citizens and has rallied a growing number of young enthusiasts.

His public events with thousands of sympathizers widely surpass those of the other contenders and his Facebook page has 1,6 million who like Sanders and almost half a million more than Clinton and much more than
the other contenders, democrats of republicans.
In his words he has explained that “our campaign is about creating a political revolution that tells the multimillion classes they can’t have everything. This country, this country belongs to all of us”.
There is still a long way ahead for the parties to choose their candidates. Almost all discount Trump and Sanders.
But no one can ignore the contradictory phenomenon that both represent. It is worrying and hopeful at the same time. On the one hand the support of reactionary attitudes and on the other the potential renovation of the new generations.
The nightmare of Trump that could be defeated but “Trumpism “continues to be a threat while the Empire exists. Sanders will probably not achieve the nomination but “Sanderism” exists until the United States becomes a true democracy.


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