Prestigious British politician calls for end to the US blockade against Cuba

Aug 27, 2020 by

Prestigious British politician calls for end to the US blockade against Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 25 (ACN) British politician Jeremy Corbyn urged the UK government on Monday to urgently negotiate with the US administration to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.
Despite the illegal US blockade, Cuba has shown international health solidarity with more than 30 countries during this pandemic, Corbyn tweeted.
The politician also urged his millions of followers to join the call to the British government to make urgent efforts to the US President, Donald Trump, to end the blockade.
In the tweet, Corbyn recorded a video recalling how, when he was about 10, he was impressed to see on a TV channel the arrival of Fidel Castro and his forces in Havana in 1959.
Since then Cuba has made social advances such as free education and public health, rights that should be enjoyed by everyone in the world, he remarked.
Corbyn gained notoriety with his leadership of the Labor Party in the UK, where he raised the slogan “For the many, not the few.
Corbynism” even proposed reverting to public ownership of the railroad, energy, and water supply, and renationalization of the health care system.
This politician is known for opposing the war in Vietnam and apartheid in Africa, while he has defended the cause of Palestine and nuclear disarmament and was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2013.
Abel González Alayón
Chief-Editor Language Department
Cuban News Agency



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