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Dear friends of the Cuban people:
The following PETITION initiated by the Peoples World online newspaper ( is being circulated to help build support for the nomination of Cuba’s international health solidarity programs for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.  Cuba’s international in public health has saved countless thousands of lives in scores of countries, as explained in this article by Tom Whitney:, It gained special attention in the United States last year when the work of Cuban doctors and other health workers who risked their lives struggling against the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa was highlighted in the press and media here.  The Cuban health solidarity programs are of longstanding, however:  Just to mention a few:  Cuba helped Ukrainian children who suffered the effects of radiation poisoning after the Chernyobl disaster of  1986, worked in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake,  and this year worked in Nepal after the disastrous earthquake.  A Cuban-Venezuelan project, Operation Miracle, has benefited more than 2,600,000 people with eyes problems in 34 countries.  And the Latin American Medical School (ELAM) has trained, free of charge, more than 23,000 medical doctors from over 110 countries; including scores from the United States. The only condition is that these doctors return to their homelands to serve the poor.  The list goes on.
Although this PETITION is not designed to lobby the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, which is discouraged, we feel that it will help spread the word about Cuba’s health care work among the U.S. public at a crucial moment when legislation has been introduced into the Senate and the House of Representatives to END THE 55 YEAR U.S. ECONOMIC BLOCKADE OF CUBA and the restrictions on travel to Cuba by U.S.  citizens and residents.
A country that deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for its help to humanity also deserves fair treatment from the United States government!  By signing this petition and circulating it to all your friends (by Facebook, e-mail, or whatever means you have at your disposal) YOU ARE SENDING THAT MESSAGE TO OUR NATION AND ITS LEADERS!


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Cuba has been nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for its work in fighting Ebola in Africa along with its outstanding health care solidarity work around the world.

And with good reason! When most countries including our own stood aside as the epidemic raged in West Africa, Cuba without hesitation rushed to the side of those stricken with Ebola.

For this reason we call on you to support the nomination of Cuba’s international health solidarity programs and especially the Henry Reeve contingent which fought the Ebola outbreak for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace and to make the public aware of it. You can get the petition here:

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