NNOC Statement on the Release of the Cuban 5

Dec 21, 2014 by

NNOC Statement on the Release of the Cuban 5


The National Network on Cuba is overjoyed that the 3 remaining members of the Cuban 5 have been released from United States prisons and have returned to their families and homeland.  The NNOC has proudly joined people around the world in demanding the release of the 5 for the 16 years of their unjust imprisonment.

We applaud the efforts and share the happiness of each person who participated in a demonstration demanding freedom for the 5, who attended an educational event, who raised the issue in their communities, who called and wrote to elected officials, who wore a “free the five” button.  We especially share the happiness of the families of the 5 and of the Cuban people who never rested in their fight for this long overdue victory.

The recent focus on Cuba including today’s release of the Five, the upcoming Summit of the Americas, exposure of USAID’s nefarious efforts to subvert Cuban society, and the Cuban medical missions fighting Ebola, present an opportunity for all of us committed to Cuban solidarity.  We must now increase the demands that all aspects of the blockade be lifted, that Cuba be removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, and that the Cuban right to self-determination and sovereignty be respected.



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