NNOC Statement on the Release of Fernando González Llort from U.S. Federal Prison

Feb 23, 2014 by

NNOC Statement on the Release of Fernando González Llort from U.S. Federal Prison

 On Thursday, Feb. 27th, after more than 15 years of unjust incarceration, Fernando González Llort will be released from Safford federal prison in Arizona, after serving his entire sentence. He will then be transferred to the United States Immigration Authority and hopefully then immediately returned to Cuba.

We join Fernando’s family, the Cuban 5 family, and the Cuban people in celebrating his long overdue release.  We also, as a United States based solidarity community, recognize this moment as an opportunity to increase the pressure to release all the Cuban 5.  As has been stated by hundreds of prominent individuals and organizations from the U.S. and abroad, the Cuban 5 were by necessity (because US administrations failed to do so) monitoring U.S. based terrorist groups which have been responsible for hundreds of attacks, injuries, and deaths to the Cuban homeland and people for 55 years since the triumph of the Cuban revolution.

We, the National Network on Cuba, call on all who struggle for a just and peaceful world to bring the campaign to free the Cuban five to their elected officials, churches, community groups, universities, unions, and especially news media.

We urge you to endorse the International Commission of Inquiry which will take place in London, England from March 7-8, 2014. To endorse or send messages visit: http://www.voicesforthefive.com/upload/

We also have endorsed and encourage the greatest participation possible in the 3rd “5 Days for the Cuban 5” in Washington DC from June 4-11, 2014. To endorse the actions and DC and for more information visit: http://5daysforthecuban5.com/

We say: “Respect Cuban Sovereignty and Self Determination!”  “Free the Cuban 5 now!”


NNOC Co-Chairs

Cheryl LaBash

Banbose Shango

Franklin Curbelo

Alicia Jrapko

Nalda Vigezzi


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