NNOC Statement about the UN vote on condemning the US Embargo of Cuba

Oct 29, 2014 by

Dear NNOC friends,

Today, for the 23rd consecutive year the United Nations has condemned the United States embargo (blockade) of Cuba. This year, 188 of the 193 members voted in favor of the resolution titled: “Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.” Only the United States and Israel opposed the resolution. In his remarks, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stated: “We invite the government of the United States to establish mutually respectful relations. We can try to find a solution to our differences through respectful dialogue. We can live and deal with each other in a civilized way despite our differences”. . . “Cuba will never relinquish our sovereignty.”


Each year the United States is virtually isolated in its illegal and genocidal policy toward Cuba. This year that policy is subject to even more criticism due to the widespread recognition of Cuba’s response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa. As the world knows and appreciates, Cuba has a decade’s long history of providing medical assistance, personnel, training, and expertise to countries around the world. Cuba’s response to Ebola has resulted in praise from United States sources that have up until now been critical of Cuba’s sovereignty and right to self-determination and silent on its achievements and generosity.


Recent news articles and editorials including three in the New York Times have helped raise awareness of and increase curiosity about Cuba in the United States public. Now is the time for renewed action and activity from those of us who have supported Cuba in many ways; demanding freedom for the Five Cuban heroes, defying the travel ban, calling for an end to the blockade, etc. During the recent Peoples’ Climate March, the response to the NNOC presence was overwhelmingly positive. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to increase our efforts to change United States policy. Let’s redouble our efforts to discuss Cuba in our workplaces, communities, schools. Let’s write letters to our local newspapers, contact our Congressional officials, and demand that the United States join the rest of the world and deal with Cuba in a respectful and diplomatic manner.


Please come to the annual meeting of the National Network On Cuba in Washington DC on November 7 and 8. Bring your ideas, suggestions, and energy. Together we can change U.S. policy toward Cuba! Together we can free the Cuban Five!


NNOC Co-Chairs

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