NNOC Spring Meeting | Sunday June 28

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NNOC Spring Meeting | Sunday June 28
Notes and links

National Network on Cuba 
Spring Meeting June 28, 2020
Via Zoom
67 attending

Chair: Gail Walker, IFCO
Notes: Mimut NuHu, AAPRP

The agenda was reviewed and approved 

Opening remarks: Cheryl LaBash, Justice for Cuba/Doctors4Detroit
Link to Introductory remarks https://bit.ly/2ZQhSSQ

3 U.S. Senators introduced legislation to slander states that have welcomed Cuban doctors, as aiding human trafficking. One of three anti-Cuba measures in June.
90 new measures have been implemented in the last 18 months with U.S. Blockade on Cuba
Fall Line up

  1. Last week in October 26-27 UN general assembly Vote against the U.S Blockade
  2. November 3 National election
  3. November 14 & 15 Rescheduled U.S Normalization Conference
  4. September Check-in for 2021 Winter conference

3 or 4 new organizations to apply for a membership in the NNOC.

Treasurer’s report and dues waiver proposal – John Waller, Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee
There was no opposition to the dues waiver. See the full report on the next page.

End the Blockade brochures – Gail Walker, IFCO
Brochures stored at  New York, IFCO Office. Each member was allotted 500, to be distributed March 21-22 Conference. Bulk pick ups available by appointment with Gail Walker [director@IFCONews.org] printable digital copies available at NNOC.info. Mailing IS NOT an option.

The gagglemail account – Cheryl LaBash, Justice for Cuba/Doctors4Detroit
Gagglemail account initiated at Minnesota meeting to enhance communication among member organizations. Will continue the account for another year; notify member organizations of its availability and encourage members to try using it at least once.

Nobel Peace Prize campaign – Alicia Jrapko, International Committee for Peace Justice and Dignity 
Cuban Medical Brigade was phenomenal in almost 30 countries throughout the worldwide pandemic
The website is www.Cubanobel.org to find more information, endorse, support
International Concert on July18 &19, 2020 in support of Saving Lives Campaign and ending the Blockade on Cuba

30th Anniversary of NNOC next year  – Gail
2021 is the 30 year anniversary for the NNOC, looking to build a committee to plan for that possible event. Volunteers for this committee were

Don Goldhammer
Banbose Shango
Tony Ryan
Cheryl LaBash
Nalda Vigezzi
Gail Walker
Brigade Postponement – Minmut Nuhu, AAPRP
UPCOMING BRIGADE is cancelled. Contact Mimut
Saving lives campaign – Cheryl LaBash, Justice for Cuba/Doctors4Detroit
born of the U.S Normalization Conference has been assisting in bringing more light to the ending of the U.S. Blockade on Cuba.
Saving Lives campaign propaganda? Face Masks? Social Media?

Proposal for SavingLives.us masks from Art Heitzer, Milwaukee
50 of these with a white print – https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/lat_sportswear/004
= $4.79 each+ 1 screen fee @ $20 [there was a suggestion to use the logo but each color would be $20 more]

  • RED ZONE book Cuban doctors fight Ebola, on Amazon through Pathfinder.
  • Concert for Cuba—July 18 &19 Support Saving Lives Campaign  More info at www.hothouse.net [Chicago]
Financial support for projects – John Waller – Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee and NNOC Treasurer
Several requests for fundraising for Cuba projects. Canada and UK are in a different situation and can raise funds for Cuba directly. Even opening the new NNOC account encountered scrutiny.
Banks are policing—many legal issues—no conclusion.
Volunteers for a subcommittee to discuss the proposal further for report and action at Fall/Winter meeting. These volunteers are
Don Goldhammer
Rachael Ibrahim
Art Heitzer
Bob Schwartz
Kimberly Waller
Mimut Nuhu
John Waller
Gail Walker
Sharon Wrobel?

NNOC Fall/Winter Conference
Evaluate again in September for face to face and date options 

Member reports

  • Concert for Cuba—July 18 &19 Support Saving Lives Campaign  More info at www.hothouse.net [Chicago]
  • On-going fundraiser for distributing masks in Cuba [Chicago]
  • Lesson on policing from Cuba link in Chat box
  • Policing workshop in the fall? – contact Art
  • July 26th panel on Community- Based Crime Control, Lessons from the Cuban Revolution article.
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2020  Zoom Conference—COVID -19 and Cuba’s response
  • US-CubaNormalization webinar: July 7 – Why there are no “George Floyds” in Cuba. https://youtu.be/L0zsBKIdFHs
  • New deadline for ELAM contact ifconews.org—Still open
  • July 25— March in Harlem
  • July 26– Public action coalition
  • July 25 & 26—Events are happening all over to recognize what happened in Cuban History
  • Pepe is stepping away from Albany activities to support from Puerto Rico

Discussion of how best to relate to the wave of anti-police protests 
July 7- Webinar: Why there are no “George Floyds” in Cuba. https://youtu.be/L0zsBKIdFHs
August – Another US-CubaNormalization webinar possible
We need to call out & build on the slogans used during protests
Anti-Imperialist, pro-socialist, anti-police.
Many related shootings/attacks happened simultaneously across the U.S. at BLM rallies protests reported from Oklahoma City.

These are various links and event information that came up in the Chat:

Link to full chat https://bit.ly/3e8nY6b

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