NNOC Message to the Canadian Network On Cuba Convention

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June 3, 2019


Dear Friends and Members of the Canadian Network On Cuba,


The National Network on Cuba (NNOC) in the United States sends greetings of solidarity, friendship, and struggle to all participating in the bi-annual Canadian Network on Cuba convention. It is unfortunate that we cannot attend this timely and important conference and participate on the panel on “Canada-Cuba-US Relations,” Nonetheless, we send our commitment to continue working with you to end the unilateral U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba.


During recent times we clearly see the United States policy to destroy not only the Cuban Revolution but also to interfere with the sovereignty and self-determination of our neighbors as evidenced by the outrageous actions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and their democratically elected President, Nicolás Maduro.


We continue to organize opposition to the illegal and cruel U.S. blockade of Cuba, the travel ban, the occupation of the Guantanamo territory, and the Helms Burton law including the recently implemented Title III provisions.


We join you in these struggles and support the numerous actions that your Network organizes. Also, we would like to invite you to the 2019 membership meeting of the NNOC in Washington, DC. Which will take place tentatively during the weekend of October 18-20, 2019 and will send complete details soon.


We are confident that we will meet again at the 8th Hemispheric Anti-Imperialist Meeting of Solidarity, for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism which will be held in Havana, Cuba from November 1 to the 3rd 2019.


We join together in recognizing and thanking the Cuban Revolution for showing us by their actions that a better world is possible and necessary.


In Solidarity,


NNOC Co-Chairs

Nalda Vigezzi

Alicia Jrapko

Banbose Shango

Cheryl LaBash

Gail Walker

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