NNOC message to Canadian National Meeting

Jun 9, 2017 by

National Network On Cuba


To: the Canadian Network on Cuba

Dear Friends and co-chairs Elizabeth Hill and Isaac Saney,

Thank you for inviting the National Network On Cuba (NNOC) to attend your bi-annual meeting. Unfortunately, we are not able to attend in person, but we appreciate your invitation, your solidarity, and your tireless efforts in recognition of Cuban sovereignty and work to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba and the extraterritorial impact of the blockade. We know that we are united in support of Cuban sovereignty, ending the U.S. economic, financial, and commercial blockade of Cuba, halting all regime change programs, and returning the occupied Guantanamo territory to the Cuban people.

We recognize and applaud the campaigns taken by the Canadian friends including informational pickets, actions on the 17th of each month, educational programs, and material and humanitarian aid projects.

We face new challenges since December 2014 and are unsure of new obstacles we will face since the November 2016 elections in the United States, but are certain that we will continue to stand in solidarity with Cuba as we have for more than 50 years of the illegal, immoral, U.S. blockade. We know that we can continue to count on the solidarity of you, our Canadian friends, just as we count on the solidarity of the international community as we work to end the blockade.

We are certain that your conference will be productive and successful and look forward to continuing our collaboration and again send you a message of friendship and solidarity.

National Network On Cuba Co-Chairs



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