National Network on Cuba Statement on Gaza

Jul 29, 2014 by

The National Network on Cuba stands, like the rest of the world with the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice and self-determination as the rest of the world has also stood with Cuba demanding the end of that U.S. blockade. In more than 20 years of United Nations votes to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba, only the United States and Israel have consistently voted to maintain 53 years of unilateral U.S. injustice.

We join in the global demand for Israel to stop the bombing and withdraw from Gaza . The root of this bloody and horrific outrage stems from the systematic aggression and illegal settler occupation and expansion by Israel against the Palestinian People and their historic homeland fully supported and funded by the United States government.
The current bombing of hospitals and schools and targeting of civilians including children, in what can only be called genocide against Palestinian people is supported by $10 million U.S. tax dollars per DAY and armaments.  End all U.S. subsidies to Israel now. These funds can be better spent for education, health care, housing and other human needs in the U.S.

The world successfully demanded that apartheid be ended in South Africa. It must also be ended in occupied Palestine where checkpoints, passbooks and a massive wall are used in place of justice and the right to return for Palestinians uprooted from their homelands.

National Network on Cuba Co-Chairs
Cheryl LaBash
Banbose Shango
Alicia Jrapko
Franklin Curbelo
Nalda Vigezzi

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