Miguel Diaz-Canel Highlights the Importance of Community Projects

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Miguel Diaz-Canel Highlights the Importance of Community Projects

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 10 (ACN) Cuba’s First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed on Monday in Havana the importance to concrete community projects that praises the comprehensive formation of humanity.
Speaking at the sessions of the Commission of Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly of the People’s Power, Diaz-Canel stressed that before the current attempts to restore neoliberalism, it is important to create local initiatives to fight superficiality and dishonesty and foment ethical values defended by the country.
He stressed that we must take into account the aspirations of the community, unify its potential and through participatory exercises and comprehensive diagnosis look for solutions to problems in each territory.
Referring to inter-sectorial work, the Cuban government official pointed out that it is important to exchange with experts and leaders in the neighborhoods.  He stressed that in the neighborhood level you will find locals in each territory fighting to conserve their customs, national identity and heritage.
In response to the concerns of the deputies to the National Assembly, Diaz-Canel commented on the sustainability in which these initiatives must be taken and called for good practices aimed at contributing to the formation of more educated men and women with capacity to learn, dialog and fight for the pillar of the nation.
For the Culture Minister Abel Prieto, one of the aspect to take in to account is that those allegedly that call themselves “project leaders” are looking for personal enrichment and not the well-being of the community and insisted in preventing this type of negative manifestation.
Prieto suggested fomenting the younger generation to the habit of reading and work in self-preparation and use the new information technologies in addition to fostering spaces destined for those objectives.
Regarding the main problems of community work, Vice President of the Commission, Luis Morlote mentioned the lack of preparation and knowledge of certain actors that participate in cultural work in the neighborhoods in addition to the absence of integration, articulation and coordination among the different institutions and entities.
Education Minister Ena Elsa Velazquez said, regarding the school-family-community that since 2014, and in compliance with Resolution 186 issued by the Ministry, schools are much more flexible in carrying out its own initiatives in correspondence with the needs of the institution and in favor of educating students and teachers.
She said that education is one of the most transforming processes in society and the Educa tu Hijo (Educate your Child) program that assists over 490 thousand children from 0 to 6 years of age constitutes an example of the participation of the family and other actors.
This first working session in commissions underway in Havana’s Convention Center prior to the 9th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the 8th Legislature of the National Assembly, the deputies will also discuss other important issues for the country.
Abel González Alayón
Chief-Editor Language Department
Cuban News Agency

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