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Apr 23, 2016 by

Dear Friends,
GREAT NEWS! After much work by many of you calling your representatives and senators, Luisa Campos, Director of the Havana Literacy Museum, and her colleague historian Felipe Pérez finally received their US visas!
While Luisa sadly missed the first days of her tour, including the Days of Action Against the Blockade, she will travel to the US this weekend & be ready for all other events planned for April/May/June.
Remember that her original invitation is from Penn State in University Park from April 24 – 29 to present at an Adult Literacy Conference organized by Dr. Esther Prins and the Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy, which will be her first stop.
All of the following cities can confirm your events and will need to coordinate with the city before & after your city to coordinate arrival & departure travel.
Please remember that each city must purchase Luisa’s airfare from the previous city, and guarantee her food, lodging, local transportation, a respectable per diem and/or honorarium while she is with you (no set amount, but I can help you work it out depending on # of days, # of events, etc.)
Please note: Luisa will need translation at all events & host families should speak Spanish
PLEASE CHECK & CONFIRM THE DATES YOU ARE LISTED BELOW & communicate with the city contact before & after you.
Catherine Murphy & The Literacy Project team
Current itinerary for Luisa Campos:
April 23 – Travel HAV-MIA and MIA-Cleveland
April 24 – 26 Penn State Behrend – Erie, PA (Contact: Jessica Piney <> )
April 27 – 29 (or 30) Event at Penn State @ Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy – University Park, PA (Contact: Dr Esther Prins <>
May 1 – Memphis (Contact: Kimberly Waller <> )
May 2 – 5 University of Memphis (Contact: Sharon Wrobel <> )
5 – 10 Minneapolis-St. Paul (Contact: Greg Klave & others <>
10 – 13 Bloomington, IN (Contact: Cynthia Roberts <>
13 – 20 STILL OPEN – New Mexico?? Keira Elizabeth Philipp-Schnurer <>
20 – 26 Baltimore/DC (Contact: Caridad Morales-Nusa <> )
May 26 – June 1 New York City (Contacts: various – LASA underway – parallel events with US Women and Cuba Collaboration & other Cuba organizations Cindy Domingo <>, Victoria Kill <>, Jan Strout <> Nataka Moore <> Moon Vazquez <>
June 1 – 3 Philadelphia – WILPF / ANSWER Coalition (Contacts: )
June 3 – 6 Cape Cod – WILPF (Contact: Chris Morin
June 9 – 10 New York/Pastors for Peace (Contact: Manolo De Los Santos <> )
June 11 – 14 Chicago (Contacts: Rico Gutstein <>, Rita Sacay <>, Steve Ekhart <>)
June 15 – 17 Milwaukee (Contact: Art Heitzer <>
June 18 – Return to Havana (or possibly stay longer depending on additional invites and duration of US visa)

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