letter of Condolence from Atlanta University comples – Spellman & Moris Brown

Dec 7, 2016 by

The Comrades, Family and Friends of Fidel Castro

2630 Street, N.W.

Washington, DSC. 20009

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We write to express our deep feelings and sense of the passing of an era with the transition of Commandant Fidel Castro, our Brother and Hero of the African Revolution. No one else has been able to navigate a country of people of African heritage the selfidentified Afro-Cuban people to a sustainable present and optimistic future as jong and as consistently as Fidel Castro. So we also celebrate his life and the success of the Cuban Revolution! And in the tradition of our people, we welcome him home among our ancestors whose love and guidance we know is eternal.

When African people were oppressed in Cuba as seasonal, impoverished field hands without adequate housing, education or healthcare, Fidel and the Cuban Revolution brought an end to that. When the leaders of the Black Power Movement increasingly came under fire here in the United States, Fidel Castro and Cuba raised their voices in defense and gave sanctuary to Robert Williams of the Monroe, NC NAACP, who preached self-defense, to Assata Shakur of the New York Black Panther Party, and are reputed to have warned the U.S. that Cuba would not tolerate an attack against Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichal). Beginning in a country in the 1950s filled with exploitation and segregation, where the fife expectancy among the people was less than 50 years, the Cuban revolution for socialism created mass literacy and solved the problem of education, creating a cadre of Afro Cuban doctors and health care workers, black people, who serve to acclaim all over the world wherever people are in need while we in the U.S. still await the opportunity for the support here for our people to express their gifts and genius, We thank Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for educating at least one Morehouse graduate among them. When the core capitalist countries huddled together in Davos as the G-8 to decide the world’s economic fate, Fidel led the way in bringing together the “90 Percent” the G<45 to answer power with solidarity,

No word better describes Cuba and the leadership of Fidel Casto than solidarity. In the 500 year struggle of African people against slavery, colonialism and settler-colonialism,

Pan-African Pedagogy Institute • Morehouse College • 830 Westview Drive sw. • Atlanta, GA 303140773 Faculty of Morehouse College, Nov. 5, 2016, p. 2

exploitation and apartheid, only Cuba, led by Fidel Castro, mobilized their army and fought a military war to defend the African people of Angola, in solidarity with African Freedom

Fighters. Only Fidel and the little island of Cuba said that the tragedy of apartheid rule in South Africa would only be spread to Namibia and Angola “over their dead bodies,” and the forces of imperialism in Africa were dealt a definitive set back, laying the way for the end of white minority apartheid rule in Southern Africa From Fidel Castro’s initial visit to the Teresa Hotel in Harlem, where he sat with Malcom X among many others, to one of his last visits to the ILS. when he was received with our love and gratitude in Harlem again, he has been beloved of African people.

As Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah suggests, “there are moments in history that are hard to discern, yet fatal if jet slip by.” And as recently amended by Bob Brown of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC), who spoke at Morehouse College this fall, “dialectically speaking, *there are moments in history, that are equally as hard to discern} yet pregnant with hope and possibilities.” Amid the suffering that provokes us to cry out that “Black Lives Matter,” and the sadness that the recent election saw the enshrinement of so much hatQ we, the faculty and students of Morehouse College, yet think this might be just such a time. Beginning in 2015* Morehouse College initiated study abroad in Cuba with a group of almost 35 students and faculty, and a second visit will be made this winter within a few weeks. We are eager to learn and teach more about the Cuban ways and continue educating a new generation where we are sure the

spirit of Fidel Castro will once again reside.

Yours truly,

Political Science

Ida Rousseau„Mukenge, prof., Sociology

Cynthia Hewitt, Assoc Prof., Sociology

David Wall Rice, Assoc. Prof., & Chair, Psychology

Samuel Livingston, Assoc, Prof. & Chair,

African Amer. Studies

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