July 26th Coalition of Boston Statement on Cuba

Dec 28, 2014 by

The July 26th Coalition of Boston is one of the oldest Cuba solidarity organizations in the United States. We have supported the Cuban Revolution and the sovereignty of the Cuban people for decades.

The July 26th Coalition celebrates the return of Antonio, Ramon, and Gerardo to their homeland where they have joined Fernando and Rene. At last all the Cuban 5 are free and reunited with their families and homeland.

We also welcome the long overdue change in United States policy toward Cuba. We have been calling for an end to the United States policy, economic blockade, and travel ban for our entire history. We will closely follow the developments in the U.S. and eagerly anticipate Cuba’s participation in the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

The July 26th Coalition is proud to have been involved in the campaign to free the Five from the earliest days. We supported the work of the National Committee to Free the Five and the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 by participating in the petition campaign, educational events, public demonstrations, etc. We co-sponsored three important programs with Noam Chomsky: a screening of “Mission Against Terror” with the filmmaker Bernie Dwyer, a talk with Chomsky and Salim Lamrani, as part of his tour promoting “Superpower Principals”, another talk with Stephen Kimber author of “What Lies Across the Water”, a program with Keith Bolender author of the oral history; “Voices from the Other Side”; film showing of “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up” and talk with filmmaker Saul Landau. We sponsored talks with Howard Zinn, as well as programs with visiting Cuban physicians and researchers. Each year we support and participate in the Pastors for Peace Caravan. We coordinated a weeklong exhibit of Gerardo Hernandez” cartoons in a local gallery. Most recently members of the July 26th coalition traveled to New York City for the September 21 climate march, where thousands of people saw and commented on our banner: “Change U.S. Climate Toward Cuba; Free the Cuban 5.”

These events reached many people who were able to learn about the Cuban 5 for the first time and also to learn the truths about Cuba. We will continue to stand with the Cuban people and the people of the world in the ongoing struggle to defend Cuban sovereignty and right to self-determination. We will continue to use the example of Cuba as a model of the possibility of a more equal, more just, more humane world.


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