ICAP: Call to the XII Brigade International May Day From April 24 to May 8, 2017 and Program

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Call to the XII Brigade International May Day (From April 24 to May 8, 2017)

Dear friend, The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (Icap) and its travel agency Amistur Cuba, S.A. invites you to participate in the XII edition of the International Brigade, on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day, as a special tribute to the Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara on the 50th anniversary of his death.

In addition to the voluntary work, participants will visit places of historical and social interest, receive lectures on our reality, and will have the opportunity to exchange with representatives of different social and political organizations, with Cuban workers and unionists and the visit to the province of Cienfuegos, as part of the program prepared.

The Brigade will take place from the 24 of April to 8 of May 2017 in the provinces of Havana, Artemisa, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos. The brigade will allow the participants a better understanding of the present Cuban reality, in the midst of transformations that are carried out in Cuba, as part of the update of the economic model of our Socialist project. The full program is attached.

The program includes 15 nights of stay: 12 at the International Camp “Julio Antonio Mella” (CIJAM), located in the municipality Caimito, Artemisa province, 45 Kms from Havana and 3 nights in the Hotel Pasacaballo.

The cost of the program is $512.00 CUC and includes accommodation in shared rooms up to 6 people at CIJAM; room for two or three people, according to availability in the hotel Pasacaballo in Cienfuegos city, with full board, with the 3 meals daily, transfer in-out and transportation to all activities included in the program.

It is very important to receive your confirmation of attendance the brigade with time in advance, due that the maximum capacity of accommodation at Julio Antonio Mella International Camp is the 240 people. After this figure the new confirmations should be accommodated in other location close to the Cijam, but the price will be higher.

With their assistance the Brigade members are committed to take part in all the activities of the program, as well as fulfilling CIJAM rules, keeping an appropriate behavior, correct discipline and a responsible attitude, so as to live in a collective way.

Registration will be open until March 30, 2017. It is an essential requirement to receive all personal data of the participants; as well as the details of the itinerary of arrival and departure from Cuba, including date, time and number of flight.

With this Call we invite you cordially to participate in the XII Brigade International May 1st.



CONTACTS AND CONFIRMATIONS: – Asia-Pacific Division. ICAP E-mail: asia.norte@icap.cu; director.dao@icap.cu

– Travel Agency Amistur Cuba S.A.

E-mail: amistur@amistur.cu; coventas2@amistur.cu

Services offered through the AMISTUR CUBA, S.A. Travel Agency


• Accommodation – Julio Antonio Mella International Camp (CIJAM) 12 nights.

– Pasacaballo Hotel in Cienfuegos: 3 nights.

• Other services – Direct permanent assistance by tour guides.

– Visits and activities according to program.


– Travel Insurance.

– Extra meals.

– Domestic and / or

international flights.

– Airport taxes.

– Luggage excess.

– Alcoholic beverages, soft drink or mineral bottled water.

– National or international personal phone calls.

ACLARATORY NOTES As part of the brigade, Amistur Cuba, S.A. Travel Agency will promote several touristic excursions, in schedules that do not interfere the activities of the organized program.

To confirm your participation in the brigade it is necessary to receive your complete names, passport number, all details of your flight with date of arrival and departure date. This information should be sent to Asia-Pacific Division and also to Amistur Cuba, S.A. Travel Agency.

It is compulsory for all travelers, foreigners and Cubans, who live abroad, to have with them previous arrival to Cuba, the updated travel insurance, which must be issued by any Insurance Company recognized in Cuba.



(From April 24th to May 8th, 2017)

Sunday, April 23

– Arrival of Brigade members.

– Transfer and accommodation at the International Camp “Julio Antonio Mella” (CIJAM)

Monday, April 24

07:00hrs.   Breakfast.

09:00hrs.   Wreath lying at Julio Antonio Mella monument. Planting a Friendship Tree

09:30hrs.   Inauguration of the Brigade.

10:30hrs.   General information on the program of the Brigade and about CIJAM

12:00-13:30hrs.  Lunch at CIJAM.

14:30hrs.   Lecture “Socialism in Cuba today. Relations with US”.

18:00hrs.   Dinner at CIJAM.

20:00hrs.   Cultural Welcoming Activity.

Tuesday, April 25

06:00hrs.   Breakfast.

06:45hrs.   Morning brief news.

07:00-11:30hrs.  Agricultural work.

12:00-13:30hrs.  Lunch.

14:00hrs.   Lecture “Cuban Economy”.

16:00hrs.  Coordination meeting with the leaders of country´s group (free for the rest).

18:00hrs.   Dinner.

20:00hrs.   Optional activities (by AMISTUR).

Wednesday, April 26

06:00hrs.   Breakfast.

06:45 hrs.   Morning brief news.

07:00-11:30hrs.  Agricultural work.

12:00-13:30hrs.  Lunch.

14:00hrs.  Groups meeting with leaders of political and masses organizations (UJC, FEU, FMC, CTC).

18:00hrs.   Dinner.

20:00hrs.   Cuban Film.

Thursday, April 27

06:00hrs.   Breakfast.

06:45hrs.   Morning brief news.

07:30-11.30hrs.  Agricultural work.

12:00-13:00hrs.  Lunch.

13:30hrs.   Departure to La Habana

14:30hrs.   Distribution in groups to visit:

Subgroup A: Museo de la Revolución.

Subgroup B:  Museum of fine arts (Cuban Art Building).

Subgroup C:  Memorial José Martí.

* Free time in Havana.

18:00hrs.   Dinner at Casa de La Amistad.

21:00hrs.   Return to CIJAM.

Friday, April 28

07:00hrs.   Breakfast.

08:30hrs.   Departure to Artemisa (Information on province development)

Visit to Mausoleum to Artemisa’s Martyrs.

Distribution in groups to visit:

Subgroup A: Agrarian Farm.

Subgroup B: Cooperative of Production.

12:30hrs.   Lunch.

13:30hrs.   Tour and stay in the recreational center Las Terrazas.

17:30hrs.   Return to CIJAM.

18:00-19:30hrs.  Dinner.

20:30hrs.   Free evening.

Saturday, April 29

06:00hrs.   Breakfast.

06:45 hrs.   Morning brief news.

07:00-11:30hrs.  Agricultural work.

12:00-13.00hrs.  Lunch.

14:00hrs.   Free time for the brigadistas to prepare the International Night.

18:00hrs.   Dinner.

20:00hrs.   International Night. Presentations by members of the brigade,

Sunday, April 30

06:00hrs.   Breakfast.

06:45 hrs.   Morning brief news.

07:30-11.30hrs.  Final session of agricultural work.

12:00-13:30hrs.  Lunch.

14:30hrs.   Meetings for geographical regions.

18:00hrs.  Dinner.

Monday, May 1st

04:00hrs.   Breakfast.

05:30hrs.   Departure to the Revolution Square.

07:00hrs.  Participation in the demonstration of May Day. Once demonstration finish, return to CIJAM for those to wish, or free time in the city.

Optional activities offered by Amistur Agency.

17:00hrs.   Return to CIJAM for those to decide to stay at the city.

18:30hrs.   Dinner.

Tuesday May 2nd

07:00hrs.   Breakfast.

08:00hrs.  Departure to the Convention Palace. Participation at the International Meeting in solidarity with Cuba.


14:30hrs.   Return to CIJAM.

16:30hrs.  Meeting with the members of the Brigade to provide information on the travel to Cienfuegos province.

18:30hrs.   Dinner.

20:00hrs.   Cuban Film.

Wednesday, May 3

05:00hrs.   Breakfast.

06:30hrs.   Departure to Villa Clara Province. Visit to Che Guevara Memorial.

12:00-14:00hrs.  Lunch in Villa Clara.

14:30hrs.   Departure to Cienfuegos Province.

16:00hrs.   Welcoming by Province Authorities at José Martí Park.

18:00hrs.   Accommodation and Welcome at the Hotel Pasacaballo.

19:00hrs.   Dinner.

21:00hrs.  Welcome activity by ICAP delegation. Introducing, giving information on the program and conforming groups among the member of the Brigade. Cultural activity.

Thursday May 4

07:00hrs.   Breakfast.

08:30hrs.   Departure from the Hotel.

09:00hrs.   Visits to Health centers:

* Provincial Hospital Dr. Gustavo Aldereguía Lima.

* Ambulatory Specialized Center, CEA. Mártires de Playa Girón.

* Pediatric Hospital Paquito Gonzáles Cueto.

10:30 hrs.  Meeting with students from the University of Medicine. Student’s representation from all nationalities.

13:00hrs.   Lunch.

15:00hrs.  Sightseeing around the city in different historical and cultural routes.

18:00hrs.   Return to the Hotel.

19:00hrs.   Dinner.

20:30hrs.  Visit to the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).  Interchange with the Cuban people.

22:00hrs.  Return to the Hotel.

Friday, May 5

07:00hrs.   Breakfast.

08:30hrs.   Departure from the Hotel.

09:00hrs.  Visit to the School of Arts Benny Moré, tour and exchange around different areas where artistic manifestations are taught according to the kind of specialties, concluding the visit with a cultural activities by the students in the theater of the school.

13:00hrs.   Lunch.

15:00hrs.   Optional Activities: Beach, Sport or Cultural activities.

20:30hrs.   Farewell activity.

Saturday, May 6

07:00hrs.   Breakfast.

08:30hrs.   Check-out and return to La Habana.

Lunch at CIJAM. Free time

Dinner at CIJAM. Free time.

Sunday, May 7

08:00hrs.   Breakfast.

09:30hrs.  Meetings with brigadistas divided by Countries or Regions, with specialist of ICAP for evaluation of the Brigade and exchange on new actions and projects in solidarity with Cuba.

12.00-13:00hrs.  Lunch.

14:00hrs.   Activity for closing the Brigade. Adoption of the Final Declaration.

20:00hrs.   Dinner and Farewell Cultural Activity (Cuban Night).

Monday, May 8

Breakfast and departure of brigadistas to their respective countries.

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