HOWARD UNIV, Mon. Nov. 17: Cuba in the Black Liberation Struggle

Nov 12, 2014 by

Adelante! The Continued Importance of Cuba in the Black Liberation Struggle


Venue: Howard University Blackburn Center Forum


Monday November 17, 2014


Time: 6pm-8pm

Program Goals:

1.    The goal is to help students explore theintersections between Cuba’s struggles and the struggle for Black liberation inthe United States and abroad.
Providestudents with information on how they can travel to Cuba with the VenceremosBrigade in 2015.

3.   Create a space for inter-generational dialogueand get younger voices involved in the Cuban solidarity movement.

Program Outline:

1.   Black National Anthem

2.   Libation

3.   Welcome

4.   Panel Discussion

5.   Questions/Discussion

6.   Info on how studentscan travel to Cuba next summer (2015) with the Venceremos Brigade


1.   Alexander V. RodriguezSalazar

Second Secretary, Cuban Interests Section

2.   Netfa Freeman

Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), International Committee forthe Freedom of the Cuban

3.   Lenora Knowles

Community Organizer/Study abroad student in Havana

JenniferBryant (moderator)

Venceremos Brigade, 2007 alum Howard University

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