Get on Board: Next Pastors for Peace Caravans: April and July

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I need more information about hosting the Friendshipment Caravan in April.

Tell me more
about going to Cuba in July as part of the US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan
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Get On Board!  Next US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravans
April and July 
Dear Nalda,

Whatever Trump does – the IFCO/Pastors for Peace Caravan is going to Cuba.

But the format is changing.
In the last two years President Obama has taken significant steps through executive actions towards normalizing relations with Cuba, easing some aspects of the economic blockade and greatly expanding the ability for US citizens to travel to Cuba under license. Yet this is far from truly “normal” relations.  Most aspects of the blockade are still in place: travel to Cuba still requires a government license; Guantanamo Bay is still occupied territory; and the US continues its various programs to stimulate internal dissent and regime change in Cuba.
People are understandably concerned right now that the incoming President Trump will seek to reverse some or all of these steps.  However the reality is that we don’t know what position he will decide upon among the various and contradictory things he has said about Cuba over the last year.

We also know that ultimately the economic blockade of Cuba can only be lifted by Congressional action. So OUR starting point is what WE, as people of faith and conscience, intend to do to move forward with our demand to end the blockade.

For many years our annual Caravan to Cuba has taken place in July. This year we feel we cannot wait that long before taking action so we are making a significant change to the Caravan process.
The last 2 weeks of April: Many Caravan routes

will travel throughout the US, with a focus on sharing accurate and up-to date information about Cuba and US-Cuba relations.
  • –          Arrange a public event where our Caravan speaker, who in many cases will be a guest from Cuba, will raise awareness, speak to the media, publicize and recruit for our July travel challenge, and raise money.
  • –          Organize visits to the offices of your local Congressional representatives to advocate in support of bills to change aspects of Cuba policy.
  • –          Set up speaking engagements during the daytime at local colleges or other venues.
Second half of July: A Pastors for Peace Travel Challenge to Cuba

We learned over a decade ago that licensed travel granted under one president can be taken away by a future president. The only long- term solution is to allow US citizens and residents to be able to freely travel to Cuba, just as we can to every other country in the world.
Participants in this travel challenge will this year go to Guantanamo province. They will be able to witness the effects of Hurricane Matthew and the reconstruction process, and they will visit Guantanamo City to help emphasize our demand that the US military return the Bay to Cuba. Fuller details about this travel challenge will be available in early January.
Join us to end the economic blockade of Cuba forever.
Yes, I want on board

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