“Fidel is Fidel”, Photo Exhibit Now Available For Showing

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International Committee 
for Peace, Justice and Dignity 
“Fidel is Fidel”, Photo Exhibit Now Available For Showing
Photo: Roberto Chile
This August the historic and incomparable leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, will be celebrating his 90th birthday along with the Cuban people and millions of others who are inspired by Fidel’s life. The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People (ICAP) is inviting friends from all over the world, including in the United States, to hold events to celebrate this historic milestone.

To honor this occasion famed Cuban photographer Roberto Chile has produced Fidel is Fidel, a poignant exhibit of photographs of the Cuban leader that document him in his later years. The exhibit is comprised of 17 extraordinary images that are currently being shown around the world from now until the end of the year.
Here in the U.S. The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity in collaboration with the National Network on Cuba has printed 2 sets that will be made available to organizations and institutions around the country who are interested in commemorating Fidel’s 90th birthday in this way. The images are professionally printed in 16 x 20 museum quality mat boards for easy shipping. 
A message from Cuban journalist Arleen Rodriguez Derivet describing the essence of Chile’s work accompanies the exhibit (see below). The cost to each group will only be the shipping costs to its next location.
For more information and availability of the exhibit please contact Bill Hackwell at Bill@theinternationalcommittee.org
Fidel is Fidel
An Exhibit of Photographs by ROBERTO CHILE
By Arleen Rodriguez Derivet
Since the time leading up to the Cuban Revolution in the Sierra Maestras olive green fatigues have been the most indelible sign of the indefatigable revolutionary. After 1959 there were times when protocol dictated he dress in a guayabera or a classic dark suit but right away he would return to his military fatigues with the red and black squares and golden laurel on his shoulder, signifying his leadership.

It was like that until that fateful day that made us mute with anguish when the condition of his health required him to relinquish his duties that he had held for so long by popular acclaim. It also seemed that the uniform of so many hard fought and glorious battles, with its woven threads of high moments of contemporary history, would be left aside as well.

But Fidel is Fidel, as was said by someone who knew him before and better than any of us. Fidel knows how much meaning the olive green and the star of the Commander in Chief has for a people that used that symbol to feed its resistance in determining its own history.

After long months of uncertainty, Fidel reappeared, returning as a soldier of acute, sharp and provocative ideas. He had the same accuracy as the scope on his rifle but that had now been transformed into a weapon with a universal scope, the written living word. He pointed his words towards areas that the leaders of the first world did not seem to worry about, in an era in which the long view can make the difference between survival or extinction of all living species.

Time in its steady march towards the horizon will conquer all men and women of the world, he was revitalized and accurate again and in the front of a still small army for the enormous mission that is ahead: to make war on the wars.

In those days Roberto Chile, who for more than 25 years had documented the Cuban leader in moving images, let his camera rest and chose instead to capture the significance of these decisive moments of history in still images. In this way he could stop in time the epic symbol of a man who will always be an icon for those who struggle all their lives for a better world.

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