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Havana, November 4th, 2014



Dear friends,


The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) is very pleased to greet all members of different friendship associations attending this annual meeting. It’s an important occasion in which you come together to express your solidarity towards our people and debate future actions.


This year the solidarity movement in US has been quite intense by organizing multiple initiatives. We have been aware of the fundraisings, the art exhibitions, the presentations of films and books about our reality, the lectures of important academics at colleges and universities, the tours of writers and poets, the video conferences between US students and our nationals, the lobby actions and the rally demonstrations.


On behalf of the Cuban people, ICAP highly appreciates your effort and endeavour. It’s been a year of new challenges with the attempts to isolate our country and the repeated threats to our sovereignty by means of secret and subversive plans. However, we have always felt your valuable support and friendship.


Our will is to develop normal relations with the country where we have found so many friends. Cuba is helping Africa to face ebola because it’s also serving the humanity. US can also contribute to these efforts and work together in the eradication of this disease.


The unjust US blockade is recently rejected by 188 UN members. Let’s work together to face this hostile policy, the travel bans and the subversive plans against Cuba. Let’s raise more awareness on the case of the Cuban Five and have regular actions demanding the US government to have Antonio, Ramón and Gerardo back in Cuba with their relatives. 16 years it’s too long! We are confident on your friendship; this will be only accomplished with your efforts and unity.


In solidarity,



Fernando Gonzalez Llort

Vice President

Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples

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