Editorial Board of the Washington Post does not publish a letter from the Cuban ambassador to the US

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Editorial Board of the Washington Post does not publish a letter from the Cuban ambassador to the US

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Cuban Ambassador to the US, José R. Cabañas. Photo: Cubaminrex

Washington DC, April 8, 2020

Letter to the editor of The Washington Post ,

Dear editor:

I refer to the text published in your newspaper under the name “In Cuba, medical solidarity has become big business” on April 6.

Unfortunately, the editorial section of the Washington Post confirms its traditional position when addressing Cuban issues.

The text contains claims that are not true, nor are they supported by recognized sources, but by platforms funded by the United States Government. The distortions that are made cannot be verified with official or reliable data. There is no balance sheet.

The center of the slander to which the editorial page of the Washington Post is lent , consists in alleging, without foundation, that Cuba engages in human trafficking or the practice of slavery and in trying to denigrate the meritorious work that they voluntarily carry out and have Throughout history hundreds of thousands of Cuban health professionals and technicians have developed in various countries, particularly in the Third World.

It is an insult against bilateral and intergovernmental cooperation programs, all legitimately established between the Cuban Government and the Governments of dozens of countries, which have been consistent with the guidelines of the United Nations regarding South-South cooperation and have responded to the requirements of health that those own governments have sovereignly defined.

Ideas originating from the State Department and USAID did not need to be published as an opinion.

In Cuba, public health is a free and universal human right . The Cuban School of Medicine is respected the world over, including American experts. Hundreds of students from this country have become doctors in Cuba and an incalculable number of patients have saved their lives on the Island.

I thank you for your attention,

José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez,

Ambassador of Cuba to the United States.

(Taken from Cubaminrex)

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