Díaz-Canel: In the defense of Cuba we continue to have Fidel at our side and stand beside Raúl

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Díaz-Canel: In the defense of Cuba we continue to have Fidel at our side and stand beside Raúl

The President described as tremendous the population’s participation, understanding, and reception of new measures adopted by the Council of Ministers


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The President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez; and Ministers of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil Fernández; Finances and Prices, Meisi Bolaños Weiss; as well as Labor and Social Security, Margarita Fernández González, appeared on the second Mesa Redonda television program devoted to explaining details of measures recently adopted by the Council of Ministers.

The President described as tremendous the population’s participation, and response to the information presented the previous evening, recognizing this understanding and positive reception as important to the success of the government’s proposals.

He displayed a document containing all the opinions collected from social media, the Presidency’s website, personal Twitter accounts of government officials, and via other means.

The President emphasized that the response also indicates that, over the next few days, and as the decisions are implemented, more explications will be needed.

To match explanations with doubts expressed, the plan for the program was to respond by theme to provide details and complement information, he clarified.


The President explained that central state, provincial, and municipal administration, and all state institutions must be ready to respond to the people, since their accountability to popular control is imperative.

In this regard, he announced that complaints have arrived, via channels opened, denouncing violations of established prices, and that beyond enforcement, we must take full advantage of this information. If we provide a timely response, explain, and convince those who have erred, their contribution to society and conduct will be different in the future. We then win the battle advocated at the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists Congress, against indecency, against behavior that is not emancipatory, and in the battle for the ethics that must distinguish our people and society. He said that the complaints were forwarded to the Havana Provincial Administrative Council

The President noted that some concerns from the enterprise sector were expressed and reiterated what has been said on other occasions regarding the potential this sector now has, since measures giving companies more authority were implemented.

Although the most recent measures do not provide a salary increase for these workers, there are opportunities to continue improving wages by implementing more coherent, beneficial pay systems, he recalled.

Díaz-Canel also recognized the efforts of those involved in clarifying the new measures and the importance of the second Mesa Redonda program to respond to citizens, since not only the panelists were involved, but many more individuals on social media, the Presidency’s website, Cubadebate, and via other means.

All must be thanked, because the way in which concerns, doubts, and questions, as well as initiatives and suggestions, have been presented, helps us govern better, to serve the Revolution and the country, he said, adding: I thank Cuban Television, and Mesa Redonda, in particular for having facilitated this dialogue with the people, defending the foundational concept of this program, established by Fidel, 20 years ago in December.

It was conceived to inform the people, to hear them and learn from this collective intelligence, and as the government more systematically presents this information, the most pressing and troublesome problems, we will be coherently honoring Fidel’s thought and the goals he had in mind when proposing this program, the President said.

He commented that, now with the global development of social networks and our aspiration to expand electronic government, we must not forget that the great lesson of the Revolution is to constantly go to the people, to this source of wisdom and creation.

This has been demonstrated throughout our history, he said, and recalled that in the worst and most difficult moments, Fidel and Raúl always turned to the people. The Revolution always went to the people; that is why I said yesterday that Revolution is the people – and the people, Revolution.

The President said that all doubts, concerns, and proposals related to the new measures that are received will be addressed and evaluated, regardless of the explanations given today or what will be clarified in an online discussion on Cubadebate, July 4.

He expressed his thanks for the words of encouragement received by the government and reaffirmed the Council of Ministers intention to redouble its efforts and commitment to the Revolution, the Party, and people.

Díaz-Canel noted that Cuba lacks extensive natural resources, and faces natural threats of all types given its geographical location, but nonetheless, the nation and its people have created themselves.

Thus, those of us who have a responsibility within the country would be failing the people if we were not able to motivate them, as Fidel and Raúl taught us.


What was the Special Period, if not a great work of collective creativity, with a firm leadership that never tired, asked the President. Thus, he said, among the measures, we are taking steps to disseminate the Comandante en Jefe’s directives during that difficult time, when the light at the end of the tunnel could barely be seen.

Who could forget, Army General Raúl Castro’s lessons, traveling around the country, promoting the protection of defensive weapons, at the same time supporting local production, alternative medicine, and unleashing our productive forces.

Solutions were found via this type of conduct, the essence of which can be seen written on hillsides in our mountainous provinces, the phrase: Yes, we can. It was possible and will always be possible.

The President recalled Fidel’s 2000 speech in Caracas, when he acknowledged, “The period we are now experiencing and overcoming in Cuba has taught us how many alternatives are possible in the development of the economy and the solution of problems, if the state plays its role, and makes sure the interests of the nation and the people prevail.”

We are taking action following these principles, DÍaz-Canel said. During these days of interaction, of receiving feedback, what has been most impressive is the clarity with which the population has read and interpreted the decisions, giving opinions, and expressing commitment to the defense and implementation of the measures.

Díaz-Canel said that proposals have been received, alternatives that may be viable at this time in the effort to boost the economy, with the consistent, intelligent, creative use of science, computerization, and productive chains.

Therefore, he reiterated, we will need to continue taking advantage of the energy which contact with the people provides us, through feedback in these exchanges.

He noted that central state administration, ministries, municipal and provincial administrative councils must ensure that the process projected advances with the same spirit shown by the people.

He recalled that a spokeswoman for the empire complained that Cuba is returning to the ideas of Fidel. For such mercenaries and their bosses, we have plenty of “bad news,” he said, good, honorable news for Cuba, because we are going to continue with Fidel at our side and standing beside Raúl.

The President concluded his remarks with a statement from Fidel, published February 18, 2008: “Being as prudent in success as we are firm in adversity is a principle that can never be forgotten. The enemy to be defeated is extremely strong, but we have kept them at bay for half a century.” This idea was expressed to the people of Güines, 60 years ago.

The Cuban President asserted, “The Revolution is the work of all: the Revolution is the sacrifice of all; the Revolution is the ideal of all; and the Revolution will be the fruit of all, because we are all Cuba, and we are continuity.”

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