Dec. 23 Chicago: Celebrate Cuba’s Victory

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Come Celebrate the Return of all the Cuban 5 Political Prisoners to Cuba, and Moves  to Ending the US Travel Ban and US Blockade against Cuba – and Oppose US Sanctions on Venezuela: 10 Years of ALBA’s Achievements

   Tuesday December 23, 5-7 pm
   at Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
   20 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 1925
        Wine, beer and some food.
     The freeing of the Cuban 5 was a great victory for Cuba and its supporters, for all of us who have defended Cuba over the last half century, and for those who fight to free all U.S. political prisoners. It was a great victory for Cuba and for all of Latin America, and we celebrate this defeat for the almost 55 year cruel policy of the US government against Cuban and Latin American self-determination.
     We choose the Venezuelan Consulate not just for their long support for our work for the Cuban 5, but to stand with Venezuela, now suffering from US sanctions. For the US, sanctions represent a step towards regime change and war.
     Let’s not let the US government take its boot off the neck of Cuba, just to put it on Venezuela’s. Let us honor this victory by putting this boot where it belongs.
   Felix Masud, just returning from being in his homeland when the changes were announced and the remaining Cuban 5 returned.

     Gisela Lopez, in thanks and congratulations to all those who fought for justice for her country.

     Jesus Rodriquez, Consul General of Venezuela Consulate in Chicago, on the new US sanctions on Venezuela

     possible Skype presentation by ICAP

Hectoring Venezuela on Human Rights
Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela:.

Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee

Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5
Bert Hestroffer
Stan Smith
Gisela Lopez & Gilda Martinez
Eldon Grossman (Vets for Peace – Chicago)
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Martin Luther King, Jr.

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