Cuban President casts his ballot in Municipal Elections

Apr 21, 2015 by

Cuban President casts his ballot in Municipal Elections
HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 20 (acn) Cuban President Raul Castro cast his ballot at Municipal elections, which were held Sunday in Cuba paying tribute to the 54 anniversary of the victory against the 1961 US mercenary invasion of Bay of Pigs.
Raul arrived at a voting station in the Havana municipality of Playa, where he spoke with local electoral authorities about the significance of the elections, in which over 8 million Cubans were called to vote their representatives at the local government offices.
He also asked about the number of people who had already cast their ballots and those who were still to do it and after voting, he spoke with the pioneer children that were guarding the ballot box about their studies and their aspirations. Later, Raul had his pictures taken along the children and shared opinions with neighbors at the electoral district.

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