Cuban FM thanks the world demanding for the lifting of US blockade amidst COVID-19

Apr 5, 2020 by

Cuban FM thanks the world demanding for the lifting of US blockade amidst COVID-19
HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 1 (ACN) Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban foreign minister, thanked this Wednesday the many voices that in the United States and from different parts of the world are demanding, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on his country by the United States.
The foreign minister reaffirmed that this is a genocidal policy that causes the Caribbean nation severe economic and humanitarian damage and violates the human rights of an entire people.
 Rodriguez Parrilla denounced on Tuesday that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the U.S. government are criminal and genocidal, violating International Law and the United Nations Charter.
According to the Prensa Latina news agency, New York activists sent a letter to the Congressional Black Caucus, asserting that the American people would benefit from Cuba’s experience in the fight against COVID-19 if the blockade were lifted.
At a time when the number of people affected and killed in the country is increasing, Dr. Rosemari Mealy and lawyer Joan Gibbs are calling for the introduction of emergency legislation to provide access to proven Cuban medicines such as recombinant human Interferon alpha 2b, used with good results in China, according to the press.
The activists recognize in their letter the Cuban biotechnology industry, especially in research and production of pharmaceutical products, and list successful vaccines for eye infections, lung cancer and others.
 At the same time, Maria Ubach, Andorra’s minister of foreign affairs, defended the sovereignty of that European Principality, affected by the new coronavirus, in the face of pressure from the United States to prevent Cuba’s medical collaboration.
 The minister explained that in view of the impossibility of receiving health care from Spain and France due to their critical situation, she opted for the help of the Cuban services, whose specialists have a long tradition of medical services abroad.

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