Cuban FM calls to defend rights of Mother Earth

Oct 13, 2015 by

Cuban FM calls to defend rights of Mother Earth
HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 13 (acn) Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, called on the peoplesw of the world to defend the rights of Mother Earth before wars and the development of nuclear weapons.
Rodriguez asserted that, when developing countries of Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean suffer damage from climate change, but above all suffer the excesses of capitalism, a predator of nature, we call to defend the rights of Mother Earth above wars, nuclear weapons and consumption economy, the Cubasi Web site reported.
In the closing ceremony of the 2nd World Summit on Climate Change in the department of Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, Bolivia, the Cuban Foreign Minister recalled that industrialized countries wish to impose on the South unsustainable patterns of consumption and that these should be renewed with a new world economic system.
In this regard he announced that, in the Climate Conference of the United Nations in Paris, the South countries will not accept an agreement that dilutes the responsibilities of developed nations.
The diplomat expressed Cuba’s support for the creation of an International Court of Justice in defense of Mother Earth, but warned that such court has to be clean, transparent and democratic, never a puppet of capitalists.
In his speech, Rodriguez reiterated the island’s support for the governments and presidents of Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil and urged the peoples making up the ALBA and the CELAC to fight together against the effects of climate change, consumption economy and opportunistic, selfish capitalism.

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