Cuban diplomat denounces Donald Trump’s terrorist affiliation

Jul 13, 2020 by

Cuban diplomat denounces Donald Trump’s terrorist affiliation
HAVANA, Cuba, July 13 (ACN) Trump’s dangerous distractions: Targeting #Cuba and Venezuela, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, U.S. director general at the Cuban foreign ministry, denounced on Twitter, pointing out the terrorist affiliation of U.S. president Donald Trump.
The Cuban official shared in his social media an article published on Sunday by Juventud Rebelde newspaper where it referred that the report of the Florida state health department pointed out that 27.8 percent of the people who had been tested for COVID-19 on July 10, were positive for the disease.
 That Friday, July 10, U.S. president Donald Trump arrived in Florida. Anyone could think he did it to discuss with the authorities what measures to take, how to deal with the disease and its explosive growth, and to respond from the federal government to the needs of a population that in some counties is among the oldest in the country, and therefore at greater risk of death, the news report read.
 Trump was not wearing a mask when he landed at the Miami airport and did not use one during his stay. His purpose was to have his mask off, and the coronavirus was the great missing, far from his work schedule and his attention as a leader, the news article remarked.
The flash visit was intended to encourage and foster hatred against Venezuela and Cuba, and also to collect dollars, united in the effort to conquer this state and thus guarantee re-election.
 His rival, Joe Biden, said Trump’s visit to Miami was only “a photographic opportunity and a distraction from the failures” of his response to the pandemic, the publication continued.
However, on this side we take it more seriously and have never sat on the fence for more electoral opportunism and vote totals than it seems. We continue in the struggle, aware of what we are, the soul of the Cuban nation, the newspaper concluded.

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