Cuba keeps working to find a definitive solution to the health crisis caused by the COVID 19

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Cuba keeps working to find a definitive solution to the health crisis caused by the COVID 19
HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 5 (ACN) Cuba continues working to find a specific vaccine against COVID-19, the Finlay Institute, whose workers have not rested since the beginning of the pandemic in the search for a definitive solution to the health crisis, has posted on social media.
From the very beginning, Cuba has sought ways to confront the disease and the country has deployed all its potential to develop a vaccine, but also useful drugs to treat the symptoms, and its own diagnostic methods.
One example was when the trials of the CIGB 2020 immunopotentiator were announced in April, a vaccine dedicated to strengthening people’s innate immunity and helping to reduce the risks of infectious agents entering the human body.
The drug, developed at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB by its Spanish acronym), has nasal and sublingual applications, and has proven effective in people confirmed with the disease, limiting the progression of the condition to stages of greater complexity and severity, especially in older adults.
The Ministry of Public Health also announced in May that CIGB candidate 258, used in patients with COVID-19 in severe and critical stages, showed positive results in Cuba.
For this reason, in June the Center for State Control of Drugs, Medical Equipment and Devices (CECMED by its Spanish acronym) approved the emergency use of this drug against COVID-19, which was renamed Jusvinza.
Although they are not specific vaccines, these Cuban treatments help improve the survival rates of Cubans in a serious or critical state, reporting numbers as high as 78 percent survival when in the world this figure only reaches 20 percent.
The new goal is to achieve the definitive cure in order to obtain immunity and also sovereignty, for which several vaccine candidates are being developed in parallel and a multidisciplinary group is working in an accelerated manner, according to Dr. Eduardo Martinez, president of BioCubaFarma, last July 4th.
We can only hope the news is positive and as soon as possible, because the country is already preparing for the production in an accelerated way, when the effective vaccine is found, the expert emphasized.

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