Cuba denounces escalation in U.S. hostile rhetoric

Oct 15, 2018 by

Cuba denounces escalation in U.S. hostile rhetoric

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (ACN) The Director General of the United States Department at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, warned that in recent months the United States government has escalated its hostile rhetoric against Cuba.
 “It goes to repeated pronouncements of high officials meant to manufacture pretexts to lead to a climate of greater bilateral tension”, said the official.
He clarified that “in a very specific way, the United States intends to defend with any resource the unilateral policy of economic blockade, which is the object of universal repudiation for its criminal character and violation of international law.
 He pointed out that the U.S. government “knows that this is a conduct that does not have the support of the U.S. population, nor of the Cubans residing there” and pointed out that its leaders attack the political and social system freely chosen by the Cuban people, ignoring the sovereign right of every country to determine its future.
“They fabricate unfounded accusations against Cuba with so-called health incidents, issuing defamatory accusations about the security of their diplomats in Cuba,” added Fernández de Cossío .
He added that they intend to retake the failed campaign against Cuba in the area of human rights.  He pointed out that “far from dialoguing on the basis of respect, as Cuba has been willing to do for purposes of cooperation and as it does with other countries, the U.S. government turns to fraudulent accusations and defamatory campaigns.
He recalled that this is “the government that has turned its back on the United Nations with regard to human rights”, which are too often reported in the United States or by the actions of its government “cases of abuse with the death penalty, police violence, tens of thousands of homeless people, abuse of children, who are separated from their parents, and bombings that kill innocent civilians in third countries, nothing that happens in Cuba or because of Cuba.
According to the Director General, the U.S. government devotes millions of dollars each year “to attack the Cuban constitutional order, interfere in internal affairs and finance individuals who act as agents of a foreign power, which in Cuba is illegal, just as it is in the United States and in other countries.
Fernández de Cossío denounced as “irresponsible and provocative the declarations and falsehoods” that the United States government uses with the purpose of justifying the backward step imposed on bilateral relations.
He recalled that “recently figures with a recognized anti-Cuban trajectory have been incorporated into the government’s foreign policy structures, capable, as they have done in the past, of fabricating falsehoods that have been publicly unmasked and documented, including by the United States Congress.
“Cuba is a country of peace, which develops its foreign relations on the basis of respect and cooperation, which has a recognized trajectory of solidarity and friendship, particularly with developing countries,” the official said, adding that “it is the policy of the United States towards Cuba that suffers isolation.
He pointed out that, as will be seen, on October 31st the international community will once again demand an end to the blockade at the United Nations.  “The government of the United States and its State Department should pay attention to this universal demand.
Abel González Alayón
Chief-Editor Language Department
Cuban News Agency

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