Correa: the time for the definitive Independence of America has come

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Correa: the time for the definitive Independence of America has come
HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 11 (acn) Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, said during his speech at the Seventh Summit of the Americas that the time for the definitive Independence of America has come.
Correa read the first statements of the US Declaration of Independence, where it says that ¨ all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.¨ before adding that ¨In Ecuador as in all Latin America and the Caribbean we hold those principles, now and forever¨
He noted that, though history of Latin and North America began almost at the same time, they have taken different roads due to the elite classes that ruled, and still do, our region, ¨and that you still back up¨ he said when referring to the interference policy the US government keeps.
¨We attend today a historical event, in which he welcome Cuba as full member of this forum, where it never should have been excluded from¨ Correa said and rejected the US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba.
The Ecuadorian President said the Latin American peoples will no longer accept injustice and interference, despite new measures and resources to support the so-called freedom of the press and human rights in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua.
¨The truth is that we need another human rights system, above all, Inter-American, ¨ he said and recalled that all Latin American and the Caribbean countries have signed and acknowledged the instruments approved on this regard, but the United States hasn’t.
¨Today, Latin American elites are incapable of understanding that those rights are for all, and when they denounced us is because they cannot subjugate any longer our governments to their class interests, since they cannot contest our reality, ¨ he said

Abel González Alayón
Chief-Editor Language Department
Cuban News Agency

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