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Center for Cuban Studies

Trips At-A-Glance

Our current itineraries are highlighted below.  While each trip has a distinct focus, there is nothing cookie cutter about our programs.  It is not unusual for travelers who’ve joined one of our tours to repeat the same trip the following year and have an entirely different experience.   If your group consists of 6 or more, we’d be happy to customize the itinerary for you.

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034-hotel-nacional-v3.jpgCUBA NOW – 7 Nights/8 Days
-July 16-23, 2017
-August 18-25, 2017
-September 24-October 1, 2017
-December 22-29, 2017
Cuba Now introduces you to the island with experiences that provide insight into what’s happening socially, economically, and politically.  Cuba has been off-limits to most U.S. travelers for more than 50 years, so this trip has a lot of catching up to do! Traveling to Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, you’ll get up close and personal with Cubans from all walks of life and learn how relations with the U.S. affect their daily lives.



VISUAL ARTS IN CUBA – 9 Nights/10 Days
-May 12-21, 2017
-August 4-13, 2017
-September 1-10, 2017
-October 22-31, 2017

Unchanged over time, Havana’s architecture has been called its golden egg.  With its Belle Époque mansions, Spanish Colonial palaces, 1950s modern homes, scattered 1960s Soviet apartment buildings, and beach villas it’s no wonder visitors are captivated. This tour leads you on an intimate journey, taking you into the homes of artists and architects, into galleries and museums, and through the streets of Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

002-yemaya-calle-jon-v2.jpegAFRICAN ROOTS OF CUBAN CULTURE – 14 Nights/15 Days
-July 7-19, 2017

This exciting trip will take you across country where you’ll see much of the lovely island. Starting in the northeast and traveling south and west across the country to explore how African customs, religion and people have contributed to la cubanía.  You’ll meet artists, dancers, musicians, as well as learn about Santería and other religious practices.  You’ll learn about the influence of religious iconography, and the significance it plays in the country and how these elements have survived throughout the years.  You’ll meet and interact with scholars, artists, researchers, and writers who have dedicated their work to researching Cuba’s African roots and visit landmarks in Afro-Cuban history.

7 Nights/8 Days
-June 16-25, 2017
-November 5-12, 2017

When it comes to its land, Cuba is a country of organic techniques and cooperative farms.  The country’s environmental laws reflect its commitment to the island’s natural resources.  Starting in Havana and driving through Las Terrazas, Pinar del Rio, and Vinales, you’ll meet with local business owners, community members, and farmers and learn about agrarian reform, conservation, and how successful Cuba has been on these fronts and what may be at stake as the island nation braces itself for an influx of tourism.




10 Nights/11 Days
May 8-18, 2017
Havana &  Santa Clara

This program begins in Havana where we’ll spend five nights exploring the city and meeting with representatives and activists for a perspective on LGBTQ life in Cuba today.  Then it’s on to Santa Clara, where we will celebrate anti-homophobia day on May 17, 2017 with Cuban activitists from all over the country.  This trip will also meet with Cuban artists, and explore issues of race and gender along the way.



May 21-28, 2017
7 Nights/8 Days

If you’re interested in art and design, this trip is a unique way to explore Havana.  Throughout the week we’ll meet with artists who provide an innovative forum to discuss contemporary Cuban art that has become renowned and highly collected on an international level. The artists and designers will provide a personal perspective in their own studios and inform us on their creative inspirations and goals while living in a place with few resources.










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