All of Italy thanks Cuban aid for health

Mar 26, 2020 by

All of Italy thanks Cuban aid for health



Havana, Mar 26 (ACN) All of Italy cannot but be grateful for the testimony of concrete solidarity and deep friendship represented by the arrival of the delegation of doctors from Cuba, said Giovanni Mininni, Secretary General of the National Federation of Workers of the Agroindustry of that European country.

This was stated by the union leader in a letter sent to Jorge Luís Fajardo Casas, secretary general of the National Union of Workers in the Food Industry and Fisheries of Cuba, published today in the digital edition of the newspaper Trabajadores.

The letter underscores how the Cuban presence in Italy speaks of the need to put the good of humanity before the perverse logics of wars, selfishness and arrogance.

It highlights the communion of intentions that have united our union organizations for many years, which are renewed and find even more value in this action, which testifies once again and in a more profound way how brotherhood and union between peoples are values fundamental.

We appreciate the gesture even more, he says, because we know the high cost they are paying due to the unjust US embargo, which worsened even more just a few months ago.

Giovanni lastly reiterated that the workers of the Italian agribusiness, together with all the comrades and comrades of Flai Cgil, are deeply grateful to the brave Cuban people for everything they are doing to help Italy to face this dramatic situation and not they will forget.

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