African Awareness Association: Requiem for an Iconic Freedom Fighter & RevolutionaryLeader

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From African Awareness Association/USA – With the Deepest Condolences:

To the Family of Comandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz & the Cuban People

A Requiem for an Iconic Freedom Fighter & RevolutionaryLeader

Today the world pays homage to a man dedicated to achieving a paradigm which the world- humanely speaking, is in desperate need of. The long history of struggle exemplified by Commandante Fidel Castro epitomizes the level of tenacity and perseverance required in order a more humane and compassionate world come into existence. Struggle is never easy given obstacles external and internal; personal and interpersonal; as well as unequal ideological development inherent in any movement. Fidel’s ability to circumscribe the contradictions between the needs of people and the bureaucratic structures that negated those needs, speaks to Fidel’s ability to coherently articulate not just resolutions to the human predicament; but, equally important, why Capitalistic structures could never accommodate the needs or aspirations of the most vulnerable sector of society- the working class and others perceived as outside the realm of respectability. This irony is manifested many times over in view of historical precedents which assign status to members of society to better extract their labor while relegating the marginalized to “non-person” status. Ostensibly, rational people would conclude any system that conspires to equate human beings with chattel is a system fundamentally flawed and at its core anti-democratic.

Brother Fidel understood clearly the relationship between exploitation and the psychological impact both on the oppressed and the oppressor. Psychic pain ensued and the consequences were a people deeply dispirited, conflicted, and without hope. Pain visited upon the dispossessed did not evade the oppressor. Contradictions abound, and the ruling class is intimately aware that such subjugation requires immense repression and the realization their behavior is suspect. Juxtapose the economic cost associated with injustice meant the oppressive strategy is ultimately counter productive.

Fidel’s conscious decision to extricate his people from this paradox, ultimately educating the world, was evident in the policies and practices espoused by Fidel. The world at large is deeply indebted to Fidel and the Cuban people for his and their selfless regard for humanity and his and their willingness to confront the “greatest purveyor of violence” in the world. We are clear that without committed principles and an undying love for humanity, Fidel, unlike some other world leaders, would have abandoned such a formidable endeavor. The fact Fidel has persisted, speaks volumes in terms of his integrity, commitment, and humanity.

Long live the example established by Fidel… Long live the revolutionary spirit of Fidel… Long live the courage and sacrifice of Cuban leaders (past and present)… Long live the Cuban Revolution!

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