African Awareness Association Inc. Black History ‘Educational’ & Cultural Saturday, July 22 – Sunday, July 30, 2017

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To All Freedom Riders…Get on Board!

African Awareness Association Inc.

Black History ‘Educational’ & Cultural Tour

From Guantanamo to Santiago de Cuba to Havana

Join us on a Tour of 3 Cities in Cuba – In 8 days Tour

Saturday, July 22 – Sunday, July 30, 2017 – All Inclusive Cost: $2,350

For More Information on How to Get Started call or contact us: (804) 549-7492/ (202) 714-9435 – Email:

Go to You Tube – See Video:  Cuba 2012 African Awareness Association …

Our Annual ‘Black History Educational & Cultural Tour to Cuba will feature many of these activities:  visiting various Cuban institutions such as: University of Havana, the Kcho estudio Romerillo, Lacolmenita children theater company, Carnival of Santiago De Cuba, Museum of the Revolution, Visit Rum & Tobacco Museum, City tour of Old Havana, Meeting with the CDR, CTC, CFM, I-CAP etc.., as well as meeting with US Students from ELAM (Latin America School of Medicine); meet with Representatives of UNEAC/Cultural Artists, and economist (ANE), Museum of the Revolutions to The Museum of Santeria in Guanabacoa to visiting ‘Callejon de Hamel’ to enjoy Afro-Cuban dances and traditions to Heath Care Institutions, while relaxing out on its very beautiful beaches like Varadero and a Visit to historical sites of Cuban famous Heroes, such as, Macao, Marti & Fidel, Discussion on Race with Internationally known intellectual Esteban Morales. These are just some of the activities that may  be included in your organized program, in addition to transportation from the airport, tour guides, private bus excursion, 3 star hotel, double occupancy, two meals a day, your visa and a round trip air flight from Miami to Cuba. Join us and Come & See Cuba 4 Yourself!

Secure Your Seat Now – Make Your Deposit of $400 (Non-Refundable) – After May 22, 2017 – *Price May Increase  –  Final Payment is due before June 15, 2017

Send Payment/s: African Awareness Association Inc. /AAAI, P.O. Box 4433, Richmond, VA 23220


Pre-Application Form

CUBA 2017 – African Awareness Association Inc.

P.O. Box 4433 – Richmond, VA 23220

(804) 549-7492 or (202) 714-9435 Email:

Visit YouTube: Cuba 2012 African Awareness Association

Motto: “Africans in Friendship with Cuba”

‘Black History Educational & Cultural Tour, July 22-30, 2017 – Cost: $2,350 All Inclusive’

‘Travel the road of liberation and Freedom form Guantanamo to Santiago to Havana’


Reserve Early – Space limited – Before May 22, 2015 – To Reserve Seat – After May 22nd the price may increase  All Inclusive from Miami

Name(last)___________________________Middle__________First________________________ Middle     Birth Date     Age

Home Address            City       State/Prov

Zip/PC    E-mail

Telephone (Home)     (Office/Cell)

Pass Port No:       Nationality

Male   Female  Race:   Smoking_____________ Non-Smoking  _

Size:     Cap ______________T-Shirt    (Choose: small, large. Ex-large, 2X) Single Supplement  Roommate  Special Assistance

Enclosed is a deposit in the amount of________________ (Minimum Deposit Fee $400.00- No Refund)

(After May 22, 2017- *Price May Increase  (Certified Check or Money Order Only)

Once we have received your Deposit Fee – you will then receive your tour package within 5 – 7 working days.

Balance payment/s due before Thursday,  June 15, 2017 no credit cards accepted (NO EXCEPTIONS)

If requesting a Single Room add an additional $350 to total amount


Make Certified Check/s or Postal Money Order/s  payable to: African Awareness Assoc. Inc, /AAAI

Send payment/s to: African Awareness Assoc. Inc, P.O. Box 4433, Richmond, VA 23220

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