U.S.– CUBA RESOLUTIONS – updated 3/1/2021

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Since May 5, 2020 

City Councils passed Saving Lives resolutions
Berkeley, Calif.

Cambridge, Mass.
Chicago,  Ill. (resolution to end the embargo)
Cleveland, Ohio (resolution to end the embargo)
Oakland, Calif.
Pittsburgh, Penn.
Richmond, Calif.
Sacramento, Calif.
San Francisco, Calif.
Santa Cruz, Calif.
Seattle, Wash. 

Municipal resolutions introduced or to be presented soon (not yet passed)
Minneapolis, Minn.

New York City
St. Paul, Minn.
Washington, D.C. 

State resolution
State of Minnesota (Saving Lives resolution introduced in both houses)

Labor Councils
Sacramento, Calif. Central Labor Council (passed)

Washington State Labor Council (passed)
Martin Luther King, Jr. County Labor Council, King County, Washington (passed)
San Francisco, Calif. Labor Council (passed)
Troy, N.Y. Labor Council (passed)
Albany, N.Y. Labor Council (passed)
AFSCME 3800, Minnesota (passed)

School Boards
Lennox Public Schools (Los Angeles)

Milwaukee Public Schools 

Before May 5, 2020

City councils passed resolutions to end the US Embargo on Cuba
Berkeley, California

Brookline, Massachusetts
Detroit, Michigan
Hartford, Connecticut
Helena, Montana
Madison, Wisconsin
Meridian Township, Michigan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oakland, California
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Richmond, California
Sacramento, California
Seattle, Washington
St. Paul, Minnesota 

Both houses of State of Minnesota legislature passed a resolution to end the U.S. embargo 

                                                                                                                           UPDATED  3/1/2021


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